Zack Sabre Jr vs Cedric Alexander – AAW United We Stand 2016

Zack Sabre Jr vs Cedric Alexander


115 Bourbon Street, Merrionette Park, Illinois, United States

(reviewed 11/29/2016) Not sure if I’ve said it before, but I love the sneak peek backstage they always do for entrances here at 115 Bourbon Street. It makes AAW stand out, along with their great video production. Both men are real jovial here, Cedric all bashful at the “both these guys” chants, ZSJ cheekily choosing to not go for an armbar, little things that make me enjoy watching them. Wish Zack did more of this sort of stuff and less jawing at the crowd and way less acting like he doesn’t care. After some chaining, Cedric takes control and has a ton of fun with it, Flair strutting around the ring and whatnot, before ZSJ kicks his leg out on a springboard and takes the advantage. Cedric landed on his neck off the bump, and ZSJ takes the opportunity to go after the neck, and does so with some pretty good offense. Cedric’s bumping and selling certainly helps things, but ZSJ’s work here is fine on its own. Cedric’s comeback starts really awkwardly with some serious miscommunication between both men, really sloppy stuff from two of the better wrestlers in the world, but it works out in the end. He can’t stay on top for long, though, and ZSJ is quickly able to hit a tornado DDT and lock in a dragon sleeper for a nearfall. A strike exchange ends with ZSJ locking in a triangle choke out of nowhere, resulting in a gross powerbomb and an even grosser Michinoku Driver from Cedric for a nearfall. To ensure that it looks as ineffective as possible, ZSJ just sits up out of the move as a kickout and stares at the crowd for a bit as they chant. For fuck’s sake, man. Some spots back and forth result in a PK and an odd flying guillotine from ZSJ, odd in that he backed away from Cedric, who was standing still, and ran at him in order to apply it. Cedric, still with the weight advantage here despite his slim and trim appearance these days, muscles the man up for a stellar brainbuster, following it up with a rolling solebutt to the face for a two count. They trade slaps, pretty fucking gruesome ones. Cedric goes for the Lumbar Check, ZSJ slips free and goes for a European Cutch, but no dice. A flying European uppercut is reversed into an in-air backslide (Cedric’s been watching his Jonathan Gresham, eh?), but ZSJ again frees himself, locking in an octopus stretch with a boot in the neck for the win. Solid match all in all, aside from some typical ZSJ nonsense, but more than enough mean-as-shit spots and strikes to warrant enjoyment.


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