Meiko Satomura vs Io Shirai – Stardom Year End Climax 2015

Meiko Satomura (c) vs Io Shirai

World of Stardom Championship


Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

Awesome outfits for both wrestlers here, especially Io, who is somehow even more no-nonsense than Satomura before the match starts. We start off with some mean chaining before the champ takes control with her usual strikes + STS combo. Satomura is real commanding here, looking every bit like the 20 year veteran she is. Io, using a combination of speed and highflying, is able to turn the match in her favor before they brawl up in the stands, because it’s Korakuen. Avoiding a death valley driver from Satomura, Io’s able to kick the champ down the stairs a bit before hitting a moonsault off the same landing Hojo dived off back in the summer. Hell of a spot there. Back in the ring, Io hits a springboard dropkick and 619, but Satomura cuts her off when she goes for another springboard and tosses her down onto the floor below in a pretty crazy moment. Satomura again tries to cut Io off when he tries to get back in the ring, connecting with a forearm, but Io catches the champ’s leg when she goes for a kick, hits a dragon screw in the ropes, and then hits a springboard dropkick to Satomura’s back, sending her out to the floor. Io looks to top it all off with a big dive, but Satomura catches her with a Pele kick on the apron and follows it up with back kicks as Io’s hanging on the turnbuckle before Io falls down, back-first, onto the apron. The champ then backdrop drivers Io out on the floor and rolls back in the ring, and Io has to really struggle to get back in the ring before the count. Back in the ring, Satomura floors her with a few kicks but only manages to get a two count from it. Io reverses an Irish whip but can’t capitalize on it, and Satomura leaps off the middle rope for a Skayde special and transitions it into an STS right in the middle, cranking back on Io’s neck before she eventually rolls her way to the ropes to break it up. Few more gruesome chest kicks from Satomura lead to Io hitting a hurricanrana reversal and roundhouse kick, but Satomura fights her way out and hits a mean roundhouse and back kick of her own. Io fires up out of it and they trade forearms back and forth before Io hits a shotei and arm trap bridging German suplex for two. Satomura catches her coming off the ropes with a gross roundhouse and tops it off with a cartwheel kneedrop for two as well. Death valley driver attempt from the champ is blocked, and Io hits a Tombstone piledriver in response for a nearfall. She follows it up with running double knees in the corner and a dropkick right to the top of Satomura’s head, but it only amounts to another two count. Looking for the kill, Io climbs to the top rope and comes crashing down with a pair of shotgun dropkicks for another nearfall. Somehow in all of this, Io busted her nose and is bleeding. Out of nowhere, Satomura goes for a back suplex but Io wriggles her way into a sunset flip for two, transitioning over into a snug crossface and cranking back on it until Satomura gets to the ropes to break it up. Io ascends the ropes yet again and Satomura cuts her off, bringing them both down with a snug superplex for a double down. Io takes control with a flurry of strikes and sends Satomura flying with an Irish whip, and Satomura hits a flying back heel kick to turn the tide. She follows it up with a sick backdrop driver, roundhouse kick, and German suplex for a big nearfall, transitioning into a sleeper hold when Io kicks out. Crowd’s all about this shit. Satomura then switches into a weird-ass half straightjacket sleeper that actually does look pretty painful, but Io is nevertheless able to get her foot on the bottom rope to escape. Io fires up through a series of mean strikes but is sent down to the mat from a Euro, but she’s able to block a death valley driver attempt. She slips off Satomura’s back and hits a pair of German suplexes but can’t find the three. Satomura reverses a triple jump moonsault from Io with a pair of boots to the face on the way down, always a killer spot. Io blocks her subsequent roundhouse kick but Satomura floors her with a Pele kick anyway and then a death valley driver for a big nearfall as the crowd goes crazy. A second death valley driver may put here away, but Satomura goes for a third and Io’s able to turn it into a bridging German suplex and goes up top for Kairi Hojo’s diving elbow drop, connecting with it hard. She follows it up with the triple jump moonsault for the win. Hot damn, what a match. Fast and mean, with a great variety between these two wrestlers, and cool callbacks to previous bouts. Great way to end Stardom’s year in 2015.

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