Kairi Hojo vs Meiko Satomura – Stardom X Stardom 2015 Day 1

Kairi Hojo (c) vs Meiko Satomura

World of Stardom Championship


Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

The match these two had a bit over a month before this is one of my favorites of 2015. Will this measure up? …maybe. It starts off with a video package featuring Robert Tepper’s “No Easy Way Out”, so things are already looking up. We start off with a stiff lockup, with Satomura really struggling to put Hojo in the corner. They both turn each other around a few times and lay in a number of forearms before Satomura goes for an Irish whip. Hojo reverses it and throws a spinning back chop, but Satomura avoids it and slaps her across the face. They chain around for a moment before going back to throwing forearms back and forth, and Satomura gets a few more mean slaps out as well as a few kick to the ribs. She tops it off with a corner elbow smash, big ol’ back suplex, and a roundhouse kick that sends Hojo out to the floor. Back in the ring, Hojo hits a series of double chops and ducks a roundhouse before hitting a short spear and climbing to the top rope. Seeing her coming from a mile away, Satomura catches her with a chest kick on the way down and has murder in her eyes. She absolutely squashes Hojo with a springboard double stomp and buries a knee in her midsection before locking in an STS. Hojo, trying to escape, finds herself in a regular sleeper hold but is able to get to the ropes to break it up. She hurts a quick spinning back chop but Satomura puts her right back down with a hard forearm. Satomura goes for a scoop slam and Hojo reverses it into a cradle pin before hitting a short blockbuster and going to climb the ropes. The veteran joins her on the top and they trade strikes, with both of them spilling out on the floor pretty hard. Being as this is Korakuen, they brawl out in the crowd a bit, with Hojo hitting a scoop slam up on the second level of seats. She gets some room to run and goes for a spear, but Satomura catches her and beats her down before going for a death valley driver. Hojo slips free and beats the veteran down in turn before climbing up on the overhang to one of the stairs leading into the arena and hitting a flying forearm off it onto Satomura below, a hell of a spot. She goes to return to the ring afterward, but Satomura, fired up, chases after her and slams her face into the corner post. Satomura goes for a chest kick as Hojo’s leaning up against the corner post, but the champ ducks out of the way and Satomura smashes her shin into it, injuring her leg. Back in the ring, Hojo hits a big series of forearms and a spinning back chop, topping it off with a spear in the corner and a sliding D. A flying forearm off the top gets her a two count, and she traps Satomura in a seated straightjacket afterward. Looking to take out Satomura’s back, she hits a springboard double stomp and a mean dropkick to the veteran’s back as she’s trapped in the ropes, but it only earns her another two count. Coming off the ropes again, Satomura cuts Hojo off with a pair of roundhouse kicks and gets a two count herself. The veteran follows it up with a nasty backdrop driver that likewise only gets another two count. Satomura locks in a cross armbreaker but Hojo makes it to the ropes, so she slams the champ down, ascends to the top, and goes for a frog splash, but Hojo buries a pair of boots into her midsection to block it. Still selling her arm, Hojo kicks away at Satomura but Satomura fires back with a Euro. Hojo catches her roundhouse kick, though, and brings the veteran down into a cross crab, cranking back on her legs before Satomura is able to crawl over to the ropes. Hojo, looking for the kill, climbs up to the top rope, but Satomura cuts her off with a kick and locks in an armbar for a few seconds on the ropes before the ref breaks it up. Satomura then goes for a superplex off the top but Hojo fights it, nearly sending them both crashing to the apron in a scary moment before the champ regains her balance, locks Satomura in a tree of woe, and floors her with a double stomp. INCREDIBLE camera angle here as well, kudos to whoever was filming that. Hojo follows it up with a sliding D but only for a two count, so she again climbs to the top rope. Satomura baits her in like in their previous match, catching Hojo in an armbar on the way down, but Hojo is able to wriggle over and get her toe on the bottom rope to break it up, although the damage is clearly done. Hojo recovers first and whips the veteran across the ring, and Satomura fires back with a forearm out of the corner and then a frog splash off the top for two. Satomura goes right back to the sleeper hold when Hojo kicks out, and after a few moments of having it locked in she goes back to a lateral press but again only finds two. Mean chest kick from Satomura, and then another. Hojo keeps sitting up after Satomura kicks her over, screaming, but she doesn’t get up after a roundhouse. Death valley driver attempt by Satomura, and Hojo tries to reverse it into a guillotine but doesn’t quite have enough in the tank, and Satomura just slaps her across the face. Satomura lifts the champ up to her feet and, with a spurt of energy, Hojo hits a trio of spinning back chops and goes for a spear, but Satomura puts her down with a hard forearm. Another spinning back chop puts Satomura down and Hojo ascends up to the top rope again. She hits a diving elbow drop to Satomura’s back but misses a second one, and Satomura brings her down with a mean death valley driver for a nearfall. Satomura tries to lift Hojo off the mat, but Hojo sort of just yanks her down into a weird pin for two. Back on their feet, Hojo hits a spinning back chop, but Satomura connects with a Pele kick and a pair of roundhouse kicks before hitting a pair of death valley drivers for the win. Not bad, not bad at all. Sort of a pale comparison to their thirty minute draw the month prior, and I wish that had been the blowoff between these two, somehow, but still, this is quite a good match nonetheless and worth your time.


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