Chris Hero vs “Speedball” Mike Bailey – EVOLVE 47

Chris Hero vs “Speedball” Mike Bailey


La Boom, Woodside, New York, United States

These two wrestled less than a month before this at PWG’s Threemendous IV, and I expect some more solid action here from the two of them. Hero views Speedball as a cute little kid here (not totally wrong) and tussles his hair before Speedball gets a quicky flurry of offense and a two count. Hero manages to lay in a quick chop that puts the young Canuck down, but not for long, as Speedball hits a billion kicks that sends Hero to the floor. He tries to follow it up with a house show dive but Hero avoids it, booting the kid right back down when he tries to roll in the ring again. Out on the floor, Hero lays in a number of strikes on Speedball before rolling him back inside and mocking him, tossing Speedball’s weight belt out into the crowd and imitating his crane kick. Speedball, fiery and spunky as ever, tries to take it to the big man, but Hero squashes him time and again but can’t quite manage to put Speedball down for the three. Speedball sends Hero out to the floor by yanking down the top rope as the veteran rushes at him, following it up with a solid Orihara moonsault and a dropkick back in the ring. He’s able to hit a pair of running corner kicks in the ring, but Hero avoids a third, puts an elbow in his back, and goes for a German suplex. Speedball flips out of it, though, and is able to hit his running corkscrew SSP for a big nearfall. Crowd is super into this match, and the young Quebecois kicker. Speedball looks for the kill with his SSP double kneedrop, but Hero avoids it and puts him down with a boot to the face for two. Hero looks to top it off with a piledriver but Speedball fights it, so Hero plants a mean ol’ chop in his torso. Speedball fires up through it and a second mean chop, but can’t get any fire going after an elbow. Hero again goes for a piledriver and Speedball backdrops him over out of nowhere and hits a moonsault double kneedrop for two. He follows it up with a spinning heel kick but only gets another two count from it, afterward ascending up to the top rope. Hero, sensing the end, rolls in the opposite direction and floors Speedball with a rolling elbow when the kid charges at him. Hero only manages a two count and finds the same from a big ass Liger Bomb. The crowd loves this shit, and I can’t say I hate it either. Speedball reverses a Tombstone into a victory roll and gets his knees up when Hero charges at him in the corner, topping it off with his SSP double knees for a huge nearfall the crowd adores. The young Canuck hits his big flurry of kicks as Hero’s on his knees, but Hero catches his roundhouse and hits a rolling elbow. Speedball fires up and fires back with a spinning heel kick. Hero shrugs it off and hits another rolling elbow, topping it up with a ripcord rolling elbow for the win. Woof. What a match. Packed with action front to back, not feeling anything like a sub-12 minute match. You could argue that it came across as too much, but it sure didn’t come across as such to this crowd, and I’ll have to side with them here. Hero continues to elevate everyone he works with, and Speedball continues to be one of the best things going today. After going to return to the back, Hero thinks better of it and walks over to Speedball, who’s looking for a fight but can barely stay upright, dry heaving onto the mat. Hero extends his hand and Speedball takes it, shaking while nearly stumbling onto his face, and Hero walks to the back as the crowd chants their asses off for Speedball. Great stuff here, check this bite-sized match out.


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