Tracy Williams vs AR Fox – Beyond Wrestling Gratitude Era

Tracy Williams vs AR Fox


Fete Music, Providence, Rhode Island, United States

Fast and furious reversals and chaining start us off, pretty fun stuff. The lads start as they mean to go on and continue with some solid reversals until Fox takes control and does his thing. Williams both bumps well for Fox’s stuff and reverses his moves in ways you don’t see often, and Fox is probably one of the best guys available to make Williams’ stuff look good as well, at least as far as the strength-based stuff is concerned. Fox kills himself when he misses an inverted cannonball at one point, and later does a trio of big dives, so his usual stuff. Williams likewise does his best to kill Fox with a German suplex and a big ol’ clothesline. Cool nearfall with Fox’s spinning brainbuster spot. Williams picks up the win when Fox kicks out of his deadlift brainbuster and he transitions over into a bridging sleeper hold to tap Fox out. Very good little opener here. Glad to see these guys have a semi-big match, as they work together pretty damn well.


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