Matt Tremont vs Suge D – Beyond Wrestling Fete Finale

Matt Tremont vs Suge D

Fans Bring the Weapons


Fete Music, Providence, Rhode Island, United States

Oh boy, there is some crazy bullshit littered around this ring. Be careful, lads. After some dives from Suge D and brawling out in the crowd, Suge D tries to get himself to use a hockey stick on Tremont but can’t do it, so he just kicks the man instead and bounces off the ropes, and Tremont floors him with a great clothesline. Tremont picks up a plastic baseball bat with a plush Garfield toy with suction cups on the feet that you attach to car windows, wrapped in barbed wire, and he whacks Suge D with it. God bless FBTW matches. Next Tremont pulls out a cookie sheet with a number of thumbtacks glued to it, and he wedges it between the middle and top turnbuckles in one corner. He goes to whip Suge D into it but Suge D reverses the momentum, sending Tremont face-first into the contraption, busting him open (even though you can clearly see Tremont blading). Strangely, Suge D abandons the things he was doing earlier with not wanting to use weapons or whatever and just smashes a guitar over Tremont’s back. As Tremont bleeds like a motherfucker, Suge D retrieves a DJ Hero turntable and smashes Tremont’s head into it. The Bulldozer makes a comeback by getting an elbow up as Suge D charges at him in the corner, following it up with a Samoan Drop for a brief double down. Tremont recovers first and grabs a paper-mâché box of some kind. He rips open the top and pours out its contents, which is a mix of thumbtacks and LEGOs, certainly a nice party mix. As Tremont bends over to smooth out the pile of plunder, Suge D recovers and drops a leg on his head, driving Tremont’s face into the sharp mix. Afterwards, Suge D wraps his hand in some double-sided tape, smears it around the mix of tacks and LEGOs, and punches Tremont in the face with it a few times for a two count. He goes for it again and Tremont ducks it and backdrop drivers Suge D into the pile of stuff for a two count of his own. Absolutely doused in blood, Tremont then just piles nearly everything the fans have brought into the middle of the ring (including a teddy bear, VCR, steel chair, plunger, pinata, the aforementioned baseball bat and guitar, and more) and scoop slams Suge D into it before going to climb the ropes. Suge D recovers and cuts him off, though, and superplexes the Bulldozer into the big pile of shit for a nearfall. Holy cow, what a crazy spot. On the outside, Suge D rearranges the ring steps and sets up a board with mousetraps glued to it between the stairs and the ring apron. Tremont chases him out onto the apron and they take swings back and forth, and I have to take a moment to say god bless whatever woman films for Beyond with the handicam, because this is like the twentieth time I’ve noticed her as I blew through most of the Beyond shows of 2015, and every time it looks like she’s busting her ass to get great angles of the action. Always appreciate people doing their job well, friends, especially when it’s a part of something you love. Anywho, back to the match, Suge D gets the best of the situation and tosses Tremont through the mouse trap board to a big pop. Back in the ring, Suge D lays a barbed wire Christmas wreath around Tremont’s head and hits him with a roundhouse kick, but can only get a two count from it. From under the ring, Suge D retrieves now a full-on barbed wire Christmas tree and sets it up in one corner of the ring. Both men trade big strikes in the middle of the ring and Tremont knocks Suge D closer and closer to the Christmas tree. He gets some room to run and charges in at Suge D, who ducks out of the way and sends Tremont flying into the Christmas tree. Suge D tries to follow it up by charging at the Bulldozer, but Tremont catches him in a fireman’s carry and puts Suge D through the barbed wire Christmas tree with a DVD for the win. Hell of a fun, silly little hardcore match with a master of the medium and someone I didn’t expect to do too well, but did.


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