Jonathan Gresham vs Donovan Dijak – Beyond Wrestling Gratitude Era

Jonathan Gresham vs Donovan Dijak


Fete Music, Providence, Rhode Island, United States

Very interested to see how this one plays out, as Gresham is one of the best unsung talents in the US indie scene today, and Dijak has a ton of raw potential and makes great things happen with talented opponents. Things start as you’d imagine, with Dijak assert his size over the Octopus. Dijak plays a great, smug giant deriding his smaller opponent, and Gresham does well as a fiery technician bumping around for him and staying in the game. Very smart, quite speedy action here at the beginning. Dijak takes control on the outside, tossing Gresham into the corner post and beating him down around ringside. After five minutes or so of this, they bleed up onto the stage at ringside and Dijak sits Gresham on a chair and gets some room to run. Dijak charges at him and Gresham ducks out of the way, sending the big man flying into several rows of chairs before laying in a number of big strikes. Likewise, he tears away at Dijak’s arm with an armbar and stomps his elbow in, a pretty gross spot. Then, like a fookin’ madman, Gresham tops it off with a flying headbutt off the stage to Dijak’s arm, a suicide dive out of the ring to the back of Dijak’s neck, and then a big crossbody off the corner post. Back in the ring, Gresham again comes off the top but has gone to the well too many times, and Dijak cuts him off with a Chris Hero-esque tornado big boot. Before Dijak can get any momentum going, though, Gresham pulls out a Skayde special for a two count, which seems a big unrealistic, but Dijak quickly regains control and just tosses the Octopus across the ring with a suplex. He goes for the Feast Your Eyes and Gresham’s able to wriggle free into an Octopus Stretch right in the middle, cranking back on Dijak’s arm when the big man tries to grab the ropes, bringing him down to the mat in the process. Dijak, fighting through some strikes from Gresham, muscles his way up to his feet and fucking cannonballs the both of them into the corner, squashing Gresham like a bug in a crazy-ass spot. Out on the apron now, Dijak looks for a chokeslam and Gresham smashes away at Dijak’s arm to free himself. Dijak boots the smaller man down before he can follow it up, though, hits the Feast Your Eyes on the apron, tosses Gresham in the ring with a military press, and hits a hell of an impressive springboard elbow drop to win the match. Wow wow wow. Great match here. Awesome opening minutes leading to some great hope spots for Gresham and a monstrous showing for Dijak. Despite the middle being a bit slow with all the brawling and beat downs on the outside, this match makes both of these guys look fan-fucking-tastic, and you should definitely give it a go to see for yourself.


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