Jonathan Gresham vs AR Fox – Beyond Wrestling Battle of New England Returns

Jonathan Gresham vs AR Fox


Fete Music, Providence, Rhode Island, United States

I’m not a fan of AR Fox, but I’m a big ol’ fan of Gresham and he does a good job of grounding guys, and Fox has had a pretty solid year all things considered, so I’m going to give this a spin and see how it goes. Fox starts us off hot with a springboard dropkick that sends Gresham outside, and he follows it up with a trio of big dives. He misses a 450 back on the inside, though, and Gresham takes advantage and takes to the ground, bending Fox in ways I’m sure Mrs. Fox doesn’t do often. The Octopus targets Fox’s arm and works away at it in a variety of ways that are entertaining and believable. A quick roperun spot ends with a hell of a rana from Gresham and a PK to Fox’s arm, both of which are quite nice. Both men trade chops in the middle of the ring and have some good selling here, which I can’t often say for Fox. Gresham continues his onslaught of Fox’s arm before Fox turns the tide with the clever use of the top rope. Immediately forgetting that his arm has been worked on for the better part of the last eight minutes, Fox hits a pair of Northern Lights suplexes and a deadlift vertical suplex in typical AR Fox fashion. The Whole Foxin’ Show does a number of his usual spots for a minute or two before both men trade big spots back and forth, and most of them are damn good. Both lads trade pinfall attempts in a pretty enjoyable way, leading to a big ol’ clothesline from Gresham for a double down. After hitting each other with big forearms and boots, a roperun spot leads to a springboard moonsault transitioned into a DDT from Gresham that starts poorly and ends crazily. Mrs. Fox swipes at Gresham’s leg as he goes for a suicide dive, giving Mr. Fox time to come flying in with a springboard codebreaker and then a 450 for a logical nearfall that I bought as the finish. Fox goes for the Lo Mein Pain but Gresham blocks it and hits him with a flying knee off the top. He tries to follow it up with a German suplex, but Fox lands on his feet and goes for a superkick. Gresham catches the superkick and tosses Fox’s boot aside, inadvertently knocking out the referee, and Fox puts Gresham down with a superkick in the confusion. Capitalizing on the situation, Mrs. Fox comes in the ring and grabs Gresham, holding him in place, and Fox comes charging in with a bicycle kick. Gresham ducks out of the way and Fox is able to stop himself before booting his wife, and he likewise ducks out of the way when Gresham goes to spray him with the octopus ink, and Gresham instead sprays Mrs. Fox instead. Fox again comes flying in with a bicycle kick but Gresham avoids it and Fox floors his own wife before eating a poisonrana and Here It Is Driver from Gresham for a big nearfall. Gresham slaps on the Octopus Stretch and Fox taps, but the referee is preoccupied with removing Mrs. Fox from the ring and misses it at first before turning around, catching wind of the situation, and calling for the bell. Kind of a flat finish, especially coming directly after a far better nearfall, but this is really a fun bout. Highlights the best of both men while mostly covering up their flaws. Fox continues to really impress me in 2015, more so than in probably every other year of his career combined.


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