Donovan Dijak vs Brian Fury – Beyond Wrestling Americanrana 2015

Donovan Dijak vs Brian Fury


Fete Music, Providence, Rhode Island, United States

It’s not often that you see Brian Fury as the smallest man in a match, but hey, Dijak is like six foot seventeen as Mark Briscoe once said. Fury gets the best of his student here at the beginning with some choice slams and strikes, but soon Dijak’s size proves to be too great and he assumes control. Dijak does his thing but it doesn’t feel as destructive as usual because Fury doesn’t play the bump dummy as well as Eddie Edwards and Biff Busick have in the past few months. Fury’s shine is likewise fine, but just has something missing. The match picks up towards the back third as both guys start to do pretty damn crazy things, including an Asai moonsault from Donovan goddamn Dijak. Dijak kicks his way out of a Boston crab and sends Fury flying into the referee, knocking the official out. Infuriated, Dijak calls in another referee, one he’s been sort of feuding with for a few months now, and forces the unconscious referee’s shirt onto him. He floors Fury with his Feast Your Eyes finisher, but the new referee struggles a bit too long in putting on the shirt and it gives Fury time to recover and kick out. Infuriated again, Dijak gets in the new ref’s face and shoves him repeatedly into the turnbuckles, and Fury rolls him up for two. Dijak kicks out right into a superkick from the referee and then turns into a hell of a pop-up powerbomb from Fury for one of the closer nearfalls I’ve ever seen, and the timekeeper even rings the bell preemptively because the count was so close. Fury jaws at Dijak for a moment and the giant just fucking chokes his ass out, and Fury has to free himself with a big elbow to the mouth and a number of slaps. He hits an enzuigiri and then a superkick right to the throat but Dijak is still standing and fire up, but after a moment he feels the effects of the moves and staggers. Fury bounces off the ropes but eats a boot from Dijak, who goes for the Feast Your Eyes again. Fury lands on his feet and double leg takedowns the giant, flipping him over in a Boston crab to the roar of the crowd. Dijak nearly reaches the ropes but collapses, seemingly knocked out, and the referee raises his hand three times to check his status, and Dijak is able to grab the bottom rope on the third hand raise, breaking the hold. From a seated position, a broken Dijak extends his hand to Fury, who uses it to hoist Dijak to his feet, and they embrace. Dijak has a crooked look in his eyes, though, and hits his trainer with the Feast Your Eyes for the win. Kind of a silly finish to what is ostensibly a very silly match, but hey, I had quite a bit of fun watching this nonsense. Nowhere near as grounded as the previous two big Dijak singles matches, but I can’t say this is a big step back or anything.


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