Amigo Tag (Masato Yoshino & Shachihoko Boy) vs Mad Blankey (Naruki Doi & YAMATO) – Dragon Gate Champion Gate in Hakata 2015 Day 1

Amigo Tag (Masato Yoshino & Shachihoko Boy) (c) vs Mad Blankey (Naruki Doi & YAMATO)

Open the Twin Gate Championship


Hakata Star Lane, Fukuoka, Japan

An interesting matchup here, as the endearing, entertaining, but ultimately unbalanced Amigo Tag take on arguably the best duo in DG history in a match containing probably the three best DG tag team wrestlers ever in Doi, YAMATO, and Yoshino. Love the display of characters here at the outset and opening minutes of this match, which is what I love most about this promotion. Yoshino looks like a world-beater here at the beginning (which he is), and it’s clear that he’s carrying this team despite Shachi’s tremendous amount of heart, and that’s only further exemplified when Doi easily overpowers Shachi. Likewise, as good as Yoshino is on his own, YAMADoi are a better team than he is individually, though it’s clear that Amigo Tag have progressed as a team (and Shachi has improved as his own wrestler) in the past few months. YAMADoi take control when Amigo Tag take a bit too long to play to the crowd and isolate the underdog Shachi with their fantastic teamwork. Through it all, YAMADoi play their roles as smug, stiff, superior heels super well and Shachi is a great fan favorite they can throw around a lot, and it’s kind of a shame this didn’t happen at Korakuen, because while this crowd is hot and loving, I feel like they would have been even more so in Korakuen. There’s a very, very stiff chop battle here between YAMATO and Yoshino that leads to Doi hitting his former partner with a senton so hard that it actually knocks Yoshino’s shoe off. Goddamn, Yoshino really looks like the man here, an absolute great. YAMADoi are super stiff throughout this match, and following a boot from YAMATO and a Dai Bosou from Doi, Shachi straight up can’t rise from a seated position and looks completely out of it, and YAMATO puts him away with a brainbuster and Gallaria in what was clearly an on-the-fly finish. Despite the scary, flat ending, this is a hell of a tag match that I wish could have taken place in a better venue and ended in a better way. And still, this kicks off the best run of the Twin Gate belts ever and is the first of many great YAMADoi title defenses in 2015.


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