Akira Tozawa vs K-ness – Dragon Gate Champion Gate in Hakata 2015 Day 1

Akira Tozawa (c) vs K-ness

Open the Brave Gate Championship


Hakata Star Lane, Fukuoka, Japan

Tozawa controls the opening minutes of this match, which feels sort of awkward, up until a barefoot Punch Tominaga attacks him when the worst referee in the world, Takayuki Yagi, is distracted. K-ness’ first heat here is mostly technical, and while I appreciate it and really like K-ness, I’m not sure how well it lends to a Tozawa match, but it’s not bad or anything, and things pick up soon thereafter. There’s a real solid falsie here for K-ness with a box attack/D3/Hikari no Wa combination that I would have bit hard for had I not already known who was winning this match. Likewise, there’s one or two lesser, but still solid, falsies for Tozawa, and K-ness shows a surprising amount of fire here, especially considering how hard it is for a guy with a mask that concealing, and it helps. Mostly a paint-by-numbers match, at least partially because it’s only a midcard match, but enjoyable all the same.


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