Los Ingobernables (Rush, La Sombra, & La Mascara) vs Negro Casas, Thunder, & Ultimo Guerrero – CMLL on Fox Sports (03/06/2015)

Los Ingobernables (Rush, La Sombra, & La Mascara) vs Negro Casas, Thunder, & Ultimo Guerrero

Six Man Tag Team Two out of Three Falls Match

Taped 03/06/2015, aired 03/14/2015

Arena Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico

As Casas is making his entrance here, before Ultimo Guerrero is even out, Los Ingobernables jump him on the ramp and beat him down, and while I can’t see whether or not they also jumped Thunder, I like to think Thunder just didn’t give a fuck and didn’t do anything about it. Guerrero makes his way down and the match gets under way as a big schmozz with the rudos in control. They isolate Guerrero and beat him down, easily winning the first fall with a corner dropkick from Rush. Los Ingobernables continue to work over Guerrero, who makes a comeback off an Irish whip lariat attempt and the tecnicos work over each opponent one on one, with Thunder coming off the top with a half-assed frog splash for the second fall. Everyone brawls on the outside a bit before we go to a commercial break. Casas and Sombra go at it to start the third fall, really laying in shots to each other, and the vetern takes out both Sombra and Mascara with a DDT and kneebreaker. Great facials and body language from Rush as he comes in and squares off with Casas, who bounces off the ropes for a clothesline and is met with a clothesline off the ropes instead from Rush. Sombra and Thunder square off. Sombra rips his pants off, the crowd cheers, and Thunder beats him down for trying to act all sexy, and gets a double dropkick himself from the other ungovernable ones for his troubles. They try to whip Thunder off the ropes for a double clothesline, but he barrels through them with a pair of clotheslines of his own. Sombra recovers and chops away at the big man, slowly realizing the futility of it all in a nice bit of comedy, before he bounces off the ropes for a crossbody, is caught, and dropped with a World’s Strongest Slam. Guerrero and Rush face off, and there’s a wonderful bit of selling from the veteran after a chop. The veteran gets the quick advantage with a spinebuster, and after he’s mobbed by all three men, he successfully defends himself against all of Los Ingobernables before he’s jumped from behind by Sombra and dumped out of the ring. Casas and Sombra again go at it and Casas tries to chase Sombra as he powders out of the ring, but Mascara cuts him off with a superkick as the veteran is on the apron. Thunder comes charging in with a clothesline on Mascara and afterwards floors Rush with a clothesline as well. He’s dragged outside and into the guardrail by Sombra and Mascara, who kick and chop him down to the floor. In the ring, Guerrero and Rush go at it, and Guerrero hits a hell of a sitout powerbomb for two before Sombra comes in and distracts the referee to stop the pinfall, giving Rush time to recover and kick Guerrero in the dick for the win. Not spectacular, but a serviceable little trios match where personalities shine, as well as the pure talent of Sombra and Casas.


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