Negro Casas vs Dragon Lee – CMLL Super Viernes (05/22/2015)

Negro Casas vs Dragon Lee

Leyenda de Plata 2015 Finals Two out of Three Falls Match


Arena Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico

Negro Casas, truly, is one of the best wrestlers ever, and I’m real interested and excited to see what he does with young Dragon Lee here. After winning the big twelve man cibernetico semi-final match, Lee faces Negro Casas here in the finals, as Casas won the Leyenda de Plata last year and is defending his title here in 2015. Lee starts things off with a headlock and Casas wriggles his way free and grabs a chinlock, and they chain and grapple around for a minute, trading the advantage. It’s nice to see Lee wrestle around more here, as opposed to just running around at 60 mph and falling on his head a bunch, and he grabs the veteran in a nice wristlock and cranks away at his wrist and fingers. Casas is out here with Zacarias, a mini with a bird gimmick of some kind, and he’s a sight to see, trying to sneak his way into the ring to help Casas when Lee’s got the advantage. Lee continues to go after Casas’ arm, locking on a bit of an armbar and making sure Casas can’t escape on three attempts, and when he finally does, Lee arm drags him over and they stand off. Rough chops back and forth from both men as we cut to commercial, and Casas gets the advantage with a rolling sole butt that may have been a bit below the belt. He kicks away at Lee’s head, and Lee, fired up, catches one of his kicks and hits a dragon screw and dropkick to send the veteran outside. Lee looks to hit his tope con hilo, but Casas rushes up onto the apron and stops him, shaking his head and staring the younger man down. Lee tries to rush him and Casas cuts him off, climbing to the top for a big crossbody and another rolling sole butt. He slaps a headlock on Lee, who immediately brings him back down with a real ginger backdrop driver and then a bridging German suplex for the first fall. Casas’ selling afterward is fantastic, as he’s not terribly hurt, but he’s shaken and frustrated that this younger man got the drop on him momentarily. He’s not hurt, but his pride is. Out in the crowd, some ladyfan has an airbrushed portrait of Dragon Lee, and it’s quite large and looks real great. Wouldn’t mind scoring some swag like that. At the start of the second fall, both men trade chops back and forth again, and Casas again takes the advantage with a low rolling sole butt, and the ref admonishes him. He traps Lee’s arm in the ropes and twists his wrist, working away at the small carpal bones. Lee ducks a chest kick and sweeps out the veteran’s legs, coming off the ropes with a sliding single leg dropkick. Casas avoids it and throws a pair of chest kicks, with Lee avoiding both, fighting to his feet, and hitting a quick roundhouse to put the legend down. Lee goes back to working at Casas’ arm, stomping away at it and locking in a tight Fujiwara armbar, and he sends him into the corner with a hammerlock, smashing the veteran’s face into the turnbuckle. Aggressively, Lee kicks away at Casas and grabs a standing hammerlock, and when Casas looks to reverse it into a headlock takeover, Lee simply slams him face-first down onto the mat and grabs a seated armbar, tearing away at the veteran’s fingers. Lee torques Casas’ arm over his shoulder with an armbreaker, but when he goes for it again, Casas slips into a sleeper hold and transitions it into an inverted DDT for a two count. Casas goes back to the sleeper and bends Lee back over his knee with an inverted facelock, and when he’s sufficiently woozy, Casas whips him off the ropes, brings him down with a spinebuster, and turns him over with a sharpshooter to win the second fall. Back from commercial, we start the third fall with both men colliding in the middle of the ring when they go for tandem clotheslines. They chop at each other back and forth, and Casas’ selling is great here, as he both sells his pain and his surprise that this younger man is so resilient and lively. Lee keeps urging Casas to chop at him, really feeling the fire, and Casas just looks at the kid and buries a mean forearm in his neck, and they begin trading forearms back and forth, with Casas having the advantage with this move. He throws a rolling sole butt but doesn’t catch Lee low like he has before, so Lee fires back with a rolling solebutt of his own. Casas, looking to take advantage any way he can, looks at the referee and sells his crotch in a real humorous, but subdued, way, and the referee admonishes Lee briefly. Great stuff. They trade boots in the middle and Lee gets the advantage with a kitchen sink when Casas comes off the ropes, and he tops it off with the sliding single leg dropkick for a two count. Strangely, there’s a cut in this video after Casas hits a chest kick, and suddenly he’s out on the apron and cuts Lee off with a chop when he charges at him. Casas climbs the ropes and Lee meets him, bringing them both crashing down with a superplex, and Lee’s selling as he goes for the pinfall and gets two is great. Whip off the ropes from Lee is reversed into a Russian legsweep and arm stretch by Casas before Lee gets to the ropes. From another Russian legsweep, Casas brings the kid down on his head in a pinning predicament, but he can only manage a two count. Whip off the ropes is reversed and Lee goes for a boot, but Casas catches it, sweeps his leg out, and slaps on a tight STF in the middle. Lee has to really, really struggle to get to the ropes, with Casas fighting him every bit of the way, and it’s great. Casas whips the kid off the ropes and kicks out his leg, and afterward goes for a la magistral cradle. Lee pushes him off into the ropes and brings him down with a German suplex for a nearfall. He follows it up with a rough-looking powerbomb, just muscling the veteran up in the air, but can still only get a two count. Lee climbs to the top rope and Casas chops out his legs, joining the kid on the top, but Lee sweeps his legs out and traps them on the top rope, coming down with the tree of woe double stomp for another nearfall. Pair of clotheslines off the ropes from Lee but Casas doesn’t go down, firing up as much as he can. Lee comes off the ropes for a third clothesline and Casas ducks it, rapidly brings him down with a standing La Mistica, and just as rapidly turns him over with La Casita for the win. Afterwards, both men raise each other’s hand and are in good spirits, which is nice. Real fun little match. Not the best lucha match this year, but quite an enjoyable one, and it’s good to see that Lee can have a match without a million spots going a million miles an hour.

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