El Hijo del Fantasma vs Fenix – AAA Rey de Reyes 2015

El Hijo del Fantasma (c) vs Fenix

AAA World Cruiserweight Championship


Auditorio Benito Juarez de Zapopan, Zapopan, Mexico

Starts off with a bit of grappling and chaining, with both men being fairly equal here. Both men attempt dives and their opponents avoid them, but Fantasma meets Fenix with a kick when he slides back in the ring from his attempted dive, and Fantasma hits a tope con hilo for a two count to get the advantage. Fenix has a bit of a hope spot and Fantasma cuts him off with a clothesline for another two count. These lads, who I normally enjoy, especially Fantasma, are moving quite slow here, doing their spots at 75% speed. Fenix turns the tide with a pair of enzuigiris when Fantasma climbs the corner, crotching him on the top rope, and hits a ropewalk rana and tops it off with a scary twisting spaceman dive, nearly falling directly on his head. Back inside, Fantasma recovers after a pair of chest kicks and tries bringing Fenix off the top with an avalanche German suplex, but Fenix flips back onto his feet and hits a handspring cutter off the ropes for two. Sunset flip powerbomb off the top gets Fantasma a pair of two counts. Bit of a comeback again for Fenix, and he’s cut off with a real sloppy clothesline from Fantasma for a nearfall. Fenix sends the champ outside and hits a sort of tiger feint kick between the bottom ropes, and he tops it off with his big spinning dive off the corner. Fantasma recovers and hits a high knee before wrecking Fenix with a great tope suicida. He climbs to the top and Fenix boots him in the ass, grabs him in an electric chair, and Fenix eats a poisonrana for two. Both a rana and prawn hold get Fenix a two count, and both men trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Thrill of the Hunt attempt from Fantasma is reversed into a pretty sick, but safe, Gallaria from Fenix for a nearfall. He tries to keep the momentum going and bounces off the ropes right into a superkick from the champ. Irish whip from Fantasma is reversed and Fenix ducks a line, sending Fantasma back into the ropes, and he goes to leapfrog over him but Fantasma catches him in the air and brings him down with a fire thunder driver for the win. Not bad, by any means, but a much slower and less exciting match than literally every other match I’ve seen from these two, and it stands out in a poor way.

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