ACH, Matt Sydal, & Alex Shelley vs The Addiction (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) & Chris Sabin – ROH Final Battle 2015

ACH, Matt Sydal, & Alex Shelley vs The Addiction (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) & Chris Sabin


2300 Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

I don’t fully understand the story going into this, and the clip they show before the match of Sabin and Shelley doesn’t clear things up. But still, these are six fairly talented dudes and I’m interested to see where the ACH and Sydal relationship is going after the disappointing end to their best of five series, so I’ll give this match a go. The heels’ entrance here is pretty great, and I really like seeing all three of them posing for the hard cam, all with their distinctive looks and personalities. It’s one of the little things I pop big for in wrestling because you really just don’t see it enough. Fuck yes, Prince Nana is on commentary here. Hot damn, ACH has a skin-tight shirt on and looks pretty smexy here with that fat ass of his. Sadly, said skin-tight shirt prompts Steve Corino to start talking about Dragon Ball/DBZ, and I have to stop myself from projectile vomiting all over my computer. Hilariously, I believe ACH dabs a bit as he’s standing on the middle rope and playing to the crowd, which is just fantastic. Kevin Kelly states that The Addiction have Star Wars-themed tights here and that they were at the premiere of the film the night before, calling Star Wars the film with “the robutts in it”, which kills me in the best way. Typical six-man tag spots to start us off, everybody getting a bit of a shine, and the personalities here really shine aside from Sydal and Sabin. Corino asks about the “over 9000” phrase on ACH’s tights and I want to die, but Prince Nana makes up for it by yelling “ANIMOSITY” repeatedly. The match progresses about the way you’d imagine. Nothing bad, to be sure, a real enjoyable six man tag that plays well to its spot on the card, but it’s nothing noteworthy. Daniels continues to look like an absolute pro and Kazarian is not far behind, though clearly he’s not on the same level. ACH, aside from two notable botches, looks great as well, a wonderful young talent, though I don’t think his finer points really show in a multi-man setting. 450 from ACH and SSP from Sydal on Sabin win them the match. Not bad, take a look at it if you’ve got the show or something, but I wouldn’t say you have to go out of your way for this match.


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