Sam Jude’s Top Five Dream Matches

My names Sam Jude and welcome everyone to Wrestlemania, and by Wrestlemania I mean my inaugural post. The premise of the article is very simple; everyone loves lists, so to conform to social jurisdiction I will write lists about wrestling. The first list…..dreams matches.

Dream matches contribute to 99% never happen much to the chagrin of wrestling fans but when they happen, they usually deliver. To my understanding a dream match is defined as a match that has not happened between particular wrestlers for whatever reason. However I will kind of bend the rules for this article and also look at matches that may have happened but were repeated in completely different circumstances.

Enough of my ramblings, let’s mix it up:

5.John Cena vs The Rock- Wrestlemania 28- 2012

Once in a lifetime my arse, this may be a highly volatile subject by I thought this match was pretty darn good. Is it going to be remembered as a match wrestling clinic, no, as a match is was pretty basic. I put this on my list based on the spectacle of it alone. I was torn between this or Hogan and Rock but I had to go with the former based on the fact I don’t mind both guys. The Rock clearly had a lot of ring rust in the match and the overuse of both finishers and rest holds do hinder the match quality, however the match itself had the air of importance too it. Also the finisher to the match is incredibly smart and did not slap any fans in the face. The fans would be slapped in the face, the next year.

4.Bryan Danielson vs Lance Storm- ROH Better than our Best 2006

1,700 fans bared witness to one of the finest technical wrestling matches I have witnessed. Alright it may not be the best match ROH have ever had (that comes later) but it certainly was a dream match for pure wrestling enthusiasts.  The start is very much hold for hold and it’s the little things that get me. The way Storm sells the surprise of being outwrestled is a great little touch. The match has some excellent moments such as the near submission from the single leg Boston crab and the amazing sequence from Danielson which ends with a regalplex. The pacing of the match is great and at 24:00 minute mark it never loses the fans. I honestly believe this match should be shown to everyone who is training to become a professional wrestler. It’s the intricate details which turn a good match into a great match.

3. Shinsuke Nakamura vs AJ Styles- NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 10- 2016

Wrestle kingdom is the largest stage for NJPW every year and there is usually no shortage of incredible matches that happen each year. This year the match wrestling fans clambered for was Intercontinental title match between Champion Nakamura and AJ Styles. I will not really go into the specifics of the match but to say this was the ultimate swansong by both men before heading to WWE is an understatement. All the stops were pulled out by both men and is already being cited as an potential match of the tear candidate. Yes there was some incredible spots but the very real emotional undertone to match makes it a must watch.

2.Kenta vs Low-Ki- ROH Final Battle 2005

This match had happened before in Noah, however the dream for many American fans was for it to happen on American soil. This finally happened at the final ROH show of 2005. This match is one of the smarter and most hard-hitting matches ROH has ever seen. There’s a great mixture of athleticism, strong style, and technical wrestling, that manages never to feel incongruent or like it is only being put on to satiate the fans. Sometimes having two guys who are practically complete analogues for one another compete doesn’t really turn out entirely well, but these two were made to fight each other. It features some wonderful selling and some of the hardest kicks you will see in wrestling. A special shout out to one of the most disgusting double stomps I have ever seen in wrestling which is really something. KENTA’s ROH debut was a perfect introduction to the less hard core fans.

1.Kenta Kobashi vs Samoa Joe – ROH Joe vs Kobashi – 2005

ROH had one incredible year in 2005 but the match that really propelled the company to super stardom was this match. It is very cliche to call a match perfect but I honestly think this match is perfect. The crowd in New York were ravenous for the match from start to finish and it is easy to see why when watching the match. Kobashi was incredibly over and the placement of his signature spots was simple but very effective, which lead to a great dynamic for the match to use a narrative. In wrestling nowadays there seems to be a real lack of timing, with many wrestlers jump straight to signature spots. The fans anticipated the huge chops from Kobashi and when they finally landed the pop was deafening. Joe played his part taking some incredibly nasty suplexs towards the finish which were sold perfectly. Usually I hate no-sell or fighting spirit spots but in this match they were done to perfection and all contributed to the finish. I honestly believe this is the greatest match of all time.

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*Heavy Breathing*




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