Dalton Castle vs Silas Young – ROH All Star Extravaganza VII

Dalton Castle vs Silas Young

Possession of The Boys vs Silas Young Becoming a Boy


San Antonio Shrine Auditorium, San Antonio, Texas, United States

Fun little promo package at the beginning here for a fun little gimmick match in one of my favorite feuds of the year. Castle flamboyantly extends his hand to Silas, who bats it away, and both men push each other around a bit before the bell, illustrating the tension between them. Silas powders to the outside and goes after the Boys when they fan at him, but Castle quickly scrambles outside and in front of them, stopping Silas and saying that these are his boys. Silas slides back in the ring and Castle goes to follow him, taking a series of stomps from Silas and a clothesline off the second rope. He drags himself to the corner and the Boys fan him, angering Silas further. Castle shoots a leg and tries to get something going, but Silas quickly gets to the ropes and the ref breaks it up. Castle backs off and does his silly backbend taunt, and the Boys get up on the apron on either side of Silas. Silas takes a swing at one of them, missing, and Castle rolls him up for two. He follows it up with an armdrag and his fun repeating headbutt spot, and Silas powders to the outside. Silas ducks a clothesline from Castle and avoids his tiger feint rana on the apron, bringing the peacock down with a backbreaker before tossing him inside for a two count. He whips Castle hard into the corner and chokes him briefly on the middle rope. Castle makes a quick comeback after the Boys fan at him, but Silas cuts it off with a back rake and clothesline. He’s able to get an elbow up when Silas charges at him in the corner, and reverses a leapfrog from the Last Real Man into a belly to belly suplex for two. Castle goes for a German suplex, but Silas backflips out of it and goes for another second rope clothesline, but Castle avoids it. Castle comes off the ropes himself, but Silas catches him in a backbreaker and hits a short arm clothesline over his knee for two. He follows Castle out onto the apron and the two men trade punches. Castle charges at Silas, who backdrops him over the turnbuckle and onto the adjacent apron, and Castle punches him down and goes for a superplex. Silas fights his way out of it, clubbing Castle down into the ring as the Boys try to fan him off the top, allowing Castle to recover, hit a kneelift, and go for another superplex. Silas again fights his way free and hits a stilted sunset flip powerbomb and then a good dragon screw neckwhip off the ropes for two. The crowd builds and claps for Castle, who fires up and hits a flurry of punches and stomps on Silas, driving Silas to the outside. He chases the man and ducks a line, hitting his tiger feint rana to further fire up the crowd, who are firmly behind Castle. Dropkick off the top gets Castle a two count back in the ring. Bangarang attempt from Castle is reversed into a sunset flip, and Castle sends Silas out of the ring when Silas charges at him. Castle goes for a suicide dive, but Silas drags the Boys in the way and Castle crashes into the pair of them before he eats a hard boot for two when he comes back in the ring. Silas undoes the knee brace on his left leg, looking to hit Castle with it, but referee Paul Turner takes it from him as they argue. Castle uses the opportunity to hit the Bangarang, but Silas grabs the bottom rope to stop the pin. Silas again goes for the knee brace that the ref has placed in the corner, but one of the Boys fights him for it. Castle grabs Silas for a German as the ref admonishes the Boys for interfering, and Silas is able to hit a lowblow and TKO for the win, as well as the Boys. Solid little match here. Nothing spectacular, but a fun match between two dependable workers with great gimmicks that really shine here. As Silas drags the Boys away, he says that they’ll be giving up their feathers and their fairy dust, and that it’s time to become men as Castle despondently looks on. Good stuff.


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