Roderick Strong vs Adam Cole – ROH Reloaded Tour (09/11/2015)

Roderick Strong vs Adam Cole


Ford Community & Performance Art Center, Dearborn, Michigan, United States

Man, as much as I love Roddy, I hate him as a sort-of-face, sort-of-tweener in ROH. Still, these are two pretty damn good wrestlers here, so this should be fun. Bit of hard chaining at the beginning here. Roddy gets some pinfall attempts off a test of strength. Mostly a slow match here, your usual spots back and forth done at maybe 80% speed. Cole hits a superkick on Roddy’s knee from the apron when Roddy’s standing on the second rope, sending him face-first down on the top turnbuckle in a neat little spot. Cole continues to target Roddy’s leg through this mostly nothing match, though not nearly enough for my liking. Enjoyable series of falsies on the back end of this match, but none of them really draw me in after the first three quarters of this match were nothing stellar. I really enjoy Roddy’s superplex into a pinfall and then a Strong Hold when Cole kicks out spot, though. Same for Roddy’s backbreaker on the apron that Cole turns into a small package when Roddy slides back in the ring. After an End of Heartache botch leads to a figure four leglock, Roddy gets the ropes and fights his way out of the brainbuster, hits a million moves including the Death by Roderick and Sick Kick, and tops it off with the End of Heartache for the win. Not really a bad match by any means, but you could not watch the first twelve or thirteen minutes of it and not miss anything. Really a match that works better as an MV than a full, nearly twenty minute match. I can’t help but think that it’s because Cole hasn’t been the same since he returned from surgery, as I’ve not really loved anything he’s done in 2015, which is a real shame.


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