Dan Barry & Candice LeRae vs Le Tabarnak de Team (Mathieu St-Jacques & Thomas Dubois) – CZW Down With the Sickness 2015

Dan Barry & Candice LeRae vs Le Tabarnak de Team (Mathieu St-Jacques & Thomas Dubois)


Flyers Skate Zone, Voorhees, New Jersey, United States

Sadly, Bill Carr was not able to make it to this show and had to be replaced with Candice, who has a really adorable Bill Carr getup here. Great stuff. This is not the first time I’ve seen TDT but this is the first time I’ve given them a serious look, and it’s likewise the first time I’ve seen them outside of Beyond. St-Jacques and Barry start things off with a bit of chaining, real basic stuff, and St-Jacques is able to rush Barry back into his corner and tag in Dubois, and they get the advantage on our dear detective. It doesn’t last long, though, and Barry makes a comeback and tags in Candice, who hits her typical spots on both Canucks. Big dives from both faces, and Barry’s dive is a bit scary when his calves crash against the guardrail, but he looks mostly fine afterwards. Barry tries to keep the momentum going, but St-Jacques cuts him off with a big, quality spinebuster and stuffs Barry’s comeback attempt with a kitchen sink. TDT go to work on Barry, and they do well interacting with the crowd and Candice to get heat. Eventually Barry makes a comeback with a big superplex, and both he and St-Jacques tag out. Candice gets her typical stuff out again on both members of TDT, and Barry assists her with a rana on St-Jacques as he’s on the apron, sending him flying off onto Dubois on the outside. St-Jacques cuts her off as she goes for her springboard poisonrana, slamming her down face-first onto the top rope, and Barry comes in and gets a prawn hold on him for two. Dubois catches him with a big side slam as he gets up, and tags in St-Jacques, and they toss Barry real hard into the corner with a double team move. They turn their attention to Candice, who tries to fight back, but is caught in a powerbomb for a two count. TDT go for another double team move on Candice, who is able to tag in Barry as they have her lifted in the air, and he pulls her off their shoulders and superkick both men down. He comes off the top with a dropkick, but they catch him and slam him down with a WHOPPER of a double Alabama Slam that almost certainly causes concussions on a weekly basis. Fuck me. Candice breaks up the pin on Barry, and Dubois squares up with her, trying to lariat her, but Candice ducks all of it and sends him outside with a Ballplex before St-Jacques attacks her from behind. He strips his suspenders and flannel shirt off, tossing the shirt in Candice’s face in a funny little heel spot, and lifts her in a fireman’s carry. Candice reverses it into a poisonrana before Barry hits a springboard Swanton Bomb for the win. Solid little textbook tag match, hardly surprising considering it’s what these four people do best. Kinda wish Barry and Candice would tag together more, as they’re definitely the better halves of their respective teams and their gimmicks click, but still, I’ll take what I can get.


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