Twin Towers (Kohei Sato & Shuji Ishikawa) vs Strong BJ (Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi) – BJW (05/28/2015)

Twin Towers (Kohei Sato & Shuji Ishikawa) (c) vs Strong BJ (Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi)

BJW Tag Team Championship


Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

God bless you Alan4L for having this up on YouTube. I’ll never again give you side eye on Twitter for posting weird, over the top shit about the most meaningless NJPW matches. Ok, heard some great shit about this match, and knowing these four lads, it fucking rules. Great Kojika is out here to hold up the tag belts, so you know it’s gotta be good shit. Shit, I’m either hallucinating stuff again or there’s something whispering outside of my second story window, but uh, let’s get back to this match. Okabayashi and Ishikawa start us off and do some typical hoss spots and really milk a big test of strength. Okabayashi knocks Ishikawa off his feet hard in a real impressive shoulderblock spot, and both partners are tagged in. Sekimoto grabs a headlock and fights real hard to keep it locked in, and I’m afraid he’s going to have an aneurysm in the ring with how hard he’s struggling here. Sato backdrops him out of it and follows right over into a gross armbar spot that I really enjoy. Man, this match is already delivering the goods. Sekimoto fights to his feet and slooooooooooooooowly raises Sato with a one-armed powerbomb, very impressive considering Sato’s size, and right at the zenith of the powerbomb, Sato wriggles free, kicks Sekimoto’s leg out, and locks in a tight kneebar. Five star spot. Sekimoto’s selling is pretty over the top, but it almost adds to how incredible this match is right out of the gate. Sekimoto backs Sato into his corner and tags in Okabayashi, who stomps a mudhole in the MMA dork before allowing him to get to his feet. They trade some hard chops back and forth, as well as a stiff forearm from Sato that looks like it shoot put Okabayashi down. He tags in Ishikawa, who stands on Okabayashi before the baldie fights back with a bunch of stiff spots that back him into his corner, and in comes Sekimoto. With a big struggle, he gets Ishikawa halfway up for a slam but can’t quite muscle him all the way over, and they trade a bunch of big forearms. Sekimoto strikes the literal giant down with a big clothesline, sending him outside and into the front row with a suicide dive. Goddamn, this match. Could not ask for more. Everybody brawls on the outside because, after all, this is a big tag match main event in Korakuen. Sekimoto, after taking a big slam on the wooden floor from Ishikawa, gets worked over by the champs, with his comeback attempts being stuffed hard, including one in which he takes tandem headbutts to the temple (!!!) from both men. Pretty brutal stuff here, really, and this is one area in which I think 2015 Sekimoto is better than 2015 Okabayashi, and maybe the only area: he can actually play a babyface in peril. As he’s working over Sekimoto, we can actually see that Sato was busted open hardway from that headbutt he got on Sekimoto, which is pretty crazy. Okabayashi finally makes his way back up to the corner after being murdered or something by Sato on the outside in something that happened offscreen during the brawling segment, and Ishikawa knocks him off the apron before locking Sekimoto in a tight Camel Clutch. Time and again, the champs murder Sekimoto with something as simple as forearm, and it’s crazy. Sekimoto finally gets some momentum by reversing a suplex on Sato and tags in Okabayashi, who tries to get another suplex on Sato, but the champ fights it. Ishikawa comes in and chops at Okabayashi’s back, and they try to both suplex him, but the big baldie fights it and reverses it into a whopper of a double suplex, and the crowd’s all about it. He locks in a crab on Sato, classic hoss hold, and Sato fights his way to the ropes before Okabayashi pulls him back in the middle and really cranks back on a single leg crab before Ishikawa breaks it up. Okabayashi plants an elbow in Ishikawa’s mush for his troubles, and Sato kills him on his way back with a knee lift. Ishikawa tags in and sends Okabayashi into the corner, following it up with a mean, mean clothesline and a somewhat sloppy Russian legsweep back in the corner. He tops it off with a DDT for two. Okabayashi fires back with a few big chops, but Ishikawa follows him into the ropes with a knee and drops him right on his dome with a Saito suplex for two. Okabayashi gets a big powerslam reversal as Ishikawa comes off the ropes and tags in Sekimoto, who sends the champ into the corner and hits a pair of clotheslines, a scoop slam, and a running elbow drop for two. He lifts him for a torture rack, a hell of a spot, and Okabayashi runs in to cut off Sato and makes it tandem torture racks. Ishikawa gets a boot up when Sekimoto charges him again and get a goddamn dropkick off the second rope. Sato knocks Okabayashi off the apron, and the champs take turns introducing their knees to Sekimoto’s chest cavity in the corner, for fuck’s sake. I’ve seen at least three trillion stiff BJW matches this year, and this is almost certainly the stiffest. Sato gets a German suplex on Sekimoto after Ishikawa whips him hard into the corner, and Ishikawa follows it with a big running knee for two before Okabayashi breaks it up. Ishikawa drops Sekimoto with a scoop slam on his neck for two as well. He comes charging out of the corner and gives a clothesline to the challenger before he tags in Okabayashi, who is jazzed to lay in some chops and looks red as Brock Lesnar’s penis. Okabayashi and Ishikawa trade a bunch of chops before the champ traps his arms with an overhook (not sure if that’s a term, actually) and hits some point-blank headbutts that really make me squirm. Ishikawa goes for a big double arm suplex from here, but Okabayashi fights it, hooking his leg on the champ’s, and fights his way out with a headbutt to the sternum. He comes off the ropes right into the waiting embrace of a sleeper from Ishikawa, and fires up, grabs Ishikawa’s ears, and flips him over his shoulder in a big spot Korakuen pops hard for. Okabayashi hits a massive spear out of the corner, and Sekimoto runs and knocks Sato off the apron. They send Ishikawa into the corner and hit a pair of corner clotheslines on him, and then Okabayashi climbs up to the top and sits on the turnbuckle, Sekimoto somehow lifts Ishikawa in a front suplex onto Okabayashi’s shoulder, and the big man comes down off the second rope with a powerslam on the even bigger man in a truly fucking unbelievable spot. It ONLY gets a two count. Fuck me. Sekimoto again sends Sato off the apron with an elbow, and Okabayashi comes off the ropes with a lariat, but Ishikawa doesn’t go down. Sekimoto does the same, and Ishikawa still doesn’t go down. A bunch of overhand forearms from both men, and the giant is still on his feet. He headbutts Sekimoto down and to the apron, but Okabayashi grabs him by his head and floors him with a lariat in a huge spot. He picks Ishikawa up in a sloppy, but still super crazy powerbomb before Sato breaks it up. Sato shitcans Sekimoto and follows him out as Okabayashi slams Ishikawa and goes up top. Sato, whose body language is saying “are you fucking serious, mate, I have to murder you again?” saunters in, gives Okabayashi a headbutt for his troubles, and joins him up top, bringing him down with a killer Falcon Arrow. Sekimoto comes roaring in with a lariat and Sato ducks it, sending him head over heels with a German, but Sekimoto fires up out of it and floors Sato with a lariat for a four-way double down, and Korakuen is loving every bit of it. Okabayashi and Ishikawa are up and trading murderous chops and forearms back and forth, and then transition into the craziest non-Shibata slaps I’ve ever seen. Okabayashi whips Ishikawa off the ropes, and he reverses it and pulls Okabayashi in for a short-range headbutt that sends both men down. Sato tags in and squares off with Okabayashi, burying a few kicks into his chest, and the crazy fucker fires up and asks for more, and two more put him down. Sato comes off the ropes with a PK and gets a two count from it, and Ishikawa boots Sekimoto to the floor. Twin Towers get an amazing series of knees and their double forearms spot on Okabayashi, and Sekimoto comes flying in to break up the pin. Ishikawa shitcans him and holds him down on the outside as Sato deliver a gruesome piledriver on Okabayashi for two. Somehow, Okabayashi, bloody, red, and half dead, fires up as he kicks out. Sato tries to muscle him up for a German but he fights it, and Sato has to plant a gross elbow into the back of his head and a kick into his temple to put him down. Sekimoto comes flying in again and drops Sato with a deadlift German before Ishikawa lumbers his way in and knocks him down. Ishikawa comes off the ropes and Sekimoto follows him in with a clothesline, Ishikawa does the same with a kneelift, and they meet in the middle with a double clothesline that lays both men out. Sato and Okabayashi fight to their feet and trade chops and forearms as Korakuen is alive and on fire. Okabayashi just floors Sato with a lariat for two, and keeps trying to pin him but can’t get the three as time runs out. Wow wow wow wow wow. What a match. What a fucking match. Completely enthralling and crazy from the get go, and it never feels boring or like it’s too much all the way through. One of the only time limit draws in a long time that I not only liked, but that I loved. I’m almost certain this will find its way into my top ten for 2015. BJW proving yet again that they have some of the best guys going today, and that their heavyweight scene is the best in the world period. After the match, Ishikawa brings out all the champs and challengers for Ryogokutan in July and cuts a promo about something or other, and all the champs and challengers face off to send us home as the BJW theme plays. Radical stuff. Love this match, love these lads, love this fed. You have to see this if you haven’t.


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