Tomohiro Ishii vs Big Damo – RPW Summer Sizzler 2015

Tomohiro Ishii vs Big Damo


Bethnal Green, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

Hossfight to start us off tonight. Ishii’s a good deal smaller than Damo, but is probably tougher all things considered. Damo tosses him around from some collar and elbow lockups and knocks him right down with an elbow when Ishii starts tossing them at him. Ishii does a good job here playing frustration at not being able to knock down this guy, the likes of which he doesn’t often come across. He’s able to get a series of shoulderblocks to send Damo out of the ring, and kicks and chops him around outside before tossing him inside and doing much of the same. Damo tries to fire up for a comeback, but is stopped with a trio of headbutts. Ishii goes for a vertical suplex but Damo reverses it into one of his own and stomps away at his opponent. Ishii mounts a comeback and is able to get a big suplex for a double down and a big pop. He gets Damo down on his knees with a series of running lariats, and drops him with another for two. Ishii goes for a powerbomb but Damo wriggles out, stuffs a lariat attempt from him, and drops the Stone Pitbull with one of his own, followed by a big stand-on-you senton. Ishii fights back and is able to get quite an impressive German for two. He tries a sliding lariat and is caught, and Damo gets a rolling fireman’s carry slam on him and goes up top. Ishii meets him up there and they go down on a scary superplex, and a sliding lariat gets Ishii a two count. Brainbuster attempt from the Stone Pitbull, but Damo fights out and gets Ishii up in an electric chair. He wriggles out and they trade strikes, with Ishii getting the better of it. Ishii sends him across the ring with an Irish Whip, and Damo comes out of the corner with a dropkick. Damo gets him up in the electric chair again and hits a One-Winged Angel for two. Stomps in the corner from Damo, and he hits the big Van Damo-nator. A big senton gets him the three in this solid little hossfight. Could be better, could be worse, watch it if you’ve got it.


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