Tommaso Ciampa vs Mark Haskins – PROGRESS Chapter 22: Trust, Encouragement, Reward, Loyalty, Satisfaction

Tommaso Ciampa vs Mark Haskins


Electric Ballroom, Camden, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

A match that completely overachieved. Not to say that these two aren’t great, but I didn’t expect this to be quite this good, or in the way that it was good for the first little bit. Fantastic, top tier comedy from Ciampa for the first portion of the match. It’s mindblowing how funny he is here, whereas I’ve barely seen any real comedy from him before this. Haskins plays the angry, fed up opponent who doesn’t want to fuck around very well, because by and large it seems like that’s who he is all the time. When Haskins challenges Ciampa’s love for PROGRESS, though, Ciampa gets deadly serious and the match gets very, very stiff, and he even turns on the crowd. Haskins’ shine here is pretty good, and his armwork is fucking gross. Ciampa gets control again and is just out for blood, and even fucking stomps all over a fan’s cardigan at ringside when it catches on his boot. Schwein on the outside. The two trade strikes back inside, and as Haskins keeps kicking Ciampa’s arm, Ciampa’s selling is real great. Big fucking series of moves back and forth, with a particularly good falsie off an arm triangle from Haskins, and a big kickout by Haskins after a Project Ciampa. Second Project Ciampa is reversed into Haskins’ cool roll into the fireman’s carry, which leads to a DVD, kickout, bridging Fujiwara, escape, transition back into the bridging Fujiwara, reversal into pin, and a reversal into a third bridging Fujiwara with a trapped arm for the submission victory. What a fucking match. Stealing the show for sure. Ciampa continues to go above and beyond in almost every match I see him in, and Haskins continues to be one of my favorites in the UK right now.


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