The Snake Pit vs The Nightmare Warriors – Chikara King of Trios 2015 Day 1

The Snake Pit (Eddie Kingston, Ophidian, & Shynron) vs The Nightmare Warriors (Hallowicked, Frightmare, & Silver Ant)

King of Trios 2015 First Round Match


The Palmer Center, Easton, Pennsylvania, United States

Silver Ant rushes Ophidian at the beginning, and then sells his head, and it seems like the Nightmare Warriors’ new deity whose name I forget right now is getting to Silver Ant, forcing him to do heelish stuff. Ophidian gets worked over a bit before rolling out of the ring for a lucha tag, but Hallowicked drops Shynron back out of the ring, Frightmare knocks Kingston off the apron, and Silver Ant throws Ophidian back in the ring in a cool heel spot. Bryce and Chikarason talk about how much they love Jon Barber, which to me reeks of them going “we know people fucking hate Jon Barber, but please don’t be mean to him”. Cool spot where Ophidian is flipped over the ropes by Silver Ant into the waiting arms of Hallowicked and gives him a tornado DDT on the floor, and Shynron comes off the top for a 450 lariat on Silver Ant. Incredible. Some real cool spots all around here, again hardly surprising considering the talent on display here, though sadly the story is a little lacking. Cool moment where Kingston, whose been selling his arm the whole match with a shoulder injury, stares down Hallowicked before all three Nightmare Warriors get a series on him, ending with Silver Ant getting an armbar on before Ophidian lands a Meteora on him, for a good falsie. Likewise, a great spot where Silver Ant goes for a big dive off the apron onto Ophidian and Shynron, but Kingston pushes the two of them out of the way and takes the full force of the dive on his injured arm, and he spends the rest of the match outside, selling and screaming. Hallowicked drops Shynron with the Never Wake Up, which will go on to be an important move, for the finish. Very solid little spotfest trios match, probably my second favorite from the night. After the match, Kingston crawls his way back into the ring towards Hallowicked, eyeing him down. Also, Silver Ant embraces Frightmare and Hallowicked, who strip his mask to reveal a second one, with a big red streak down one side. I have no idea where this goes, as it’s not present at Top Banana, with him being a face there.


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