Team AAA vs The Gentleman’s Club – Chikara King of Trios 2015 Day 1

Team AAA (Aero Star, Drago, & Fenix) vs The Gentleman’s Club (Chuck Taylor, Drew Gulak, & Swamp Monster)

King of Trios 2015 First Round Match


The Palmer Center, Easton, Pennsylvania, United States

Crowd chants “please don’t go” at Chuck Taylor before the match, which, in hindsight, is hilarious and heartbreaking. Aero Star comes out with a little lighter and aerosol can and does a big cool pyro spot, and Gulak yells at Bryce, refusing to start the match because his opponents are armed. Great stuff. Solid wrasslin’ from Gulak and Fenix at the outset, and Quack on commentary mentions that Fenix has trained under Jorge Rivera, which is a cool bit of lucha/Chikara history. #BigDust and Aero Star tag in, and Aero Star does a series of nipups all around the ring, and Chuck is just completely flummoxed in a fun spot. Strangely, Gulak is the one to come in when Chuck powders to take Drago’s offense, but the Swamp Monster is mostly timid and cowering here in this match. When he finally does come in, there’s some great character interactions between him and Fenix. Man, Quack seems real anal and/or on the spectrum on commentary here, but is still fun for the most part, and he always brings a nice, professional feel to the talking heads behind the booth. Gentleman’s Club go to work on Fenix with their customary offense. Chuck is a joy to watch here. I fucking love him in Chikara. He always shines real bright there. Fenix fights back with a beauty of a double jump springboard dropkick, and all three luchadors get a series of high flying moves out. Swamp Monster, who’s supposed to be Low Ki here, gets a Ki Krusher for two on Fenix when The Colonel, the Gentleman’s Club’s manager who is normally in a wheelchair, runs out and distracts Fenix up on the apron. Gulak and Chuck admonish Swampie and toss him out. Great dives from Aero Star, Fenix, and Chuck here. Orange Cassidy runs out and sprays Drago with the orange juice  when he goes for a dive, but Drago sprays him right back with dragon mist, I guess, in a fun spot. Gulak comes in and wrestles around with Drago for a moment before Drago gets him with a cool pin I’m forgetting the name of for the win. Lots of comedy and character stuff, crowd loves it the whole way through, big and silly and flippy, this match is quite the fun time at the movies, classic Chikara main event. One of the more purely enjoyable matches I’ve seen this year. Seek this one out, lads.


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