Roderick Strong vs Will Ospreay – PROGRESS Chapter 19: Super Strong Style 16 Tournament Edition 2015 Day 2

Roderick Strong vs Will Ospreay

Super Strong Style 16 Tournament Semifinals


Electric Ballroom, Camden, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

Roddy jumps Ospreay at the announcements with a high knee for two. He then tosses Ospreay around the crowd, chopping and stomping him repeatedly, tossing him ribs-first into the ring post, and dropping him with an Argentine backbreaker on the apron. This leads to a close ten count on the outside, but Ospreay completely dead sells right until the nine before rolling in, and it’s quite lame. His selling of Roddy’s chops on the inside, just crawling along the ground, dragging his head, is completely unbelievable. The crowd is chanting all sorts of shit to Roddy, and he’s interacting with them incredibly well, mostly because it’s probably very real. Roddy just tosses Ospreay around with classic FRS spots. Pretty ok fire from Ospreay, including a huge tope, but it’s intermittent with bad selling, which is annoying. I especially dislike the “half spitting out his mouth guard” stuff. Annoying superplex into small package spot. Nice strike exchange back and forth, with Ospreay getting a flurry that’s real solid, before Roddy gets a high knee and tries for the Death by Roderick before it’s reversed into a Hurricanrana pin. Real solid high flying nearfalls by Ospreay here. Even better nearfall from Roddy, as Ospreay is the perfect kind of guy to take Roddy’s big spots. Ospreay reverses Roddy’s Stronghold into a close three for the finish. Despite having many of the same flaws as the finals  of the tournament, this is a much, much better match than that one, mostly because 2015 Roddy is five times the wrestler that 2015 ZSJ is.


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