Marty Scurll vs Noam Dar vs Jack Gallagher vs Dan Moloney – ICW Road to Fear & Loathing Tour – Bazooko Circus

Marty Scurll vs Noam Dar vs Jack Gallagher vs Dan Moloney


The Engine Rooms, Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Three dudes I really like, and a fourth who I’ve seen be pretty damn good, so expecting some good stuff here. I’m not going to bother following this move for move, because I’m tired and waiting around for Fantasticamania to start. Good, fun stuff with the faces, Dar and Gallagher, outsmarting and outmaneuvering the heels, Scurll and Moloney, at the beginning. Likewise, some fun heel vs heel stuff between Scurll and Moloney. I kinda hate the crowd here, the same as every ICW crowd I’ve ever seen, and it’s part of the reason I can’t get behind the promotion on the reg. Dar and Scurll hit their typical stuff, and it’s quite enjoyable, and Gallagher wrestles around a bunch. Dar and Scurll have a real fun series with Scurll trying to lock in the chickenwing repeatedly, leading to Dar locking in the Champagne Super-Kneebar. Moloney comes in, and Dar trips him, and locks in a Champagne Super-Kneebar on him at the same time, and Gallagher gets an armbar on Moloney as well. Gallagher and Dar have a great little series back and forth. Big ol’ tower of doom double powerbomb on Dar and Gallagher by Moloney, a bit sloppy. Scurll locks the chickenwing on Moloney immediately afterward for the win. Short and sweet, with one or two real great spots. Watch it if you’ve got it (which you probably don’t).

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