Josh Alexander vs Rickey Shane Page – AIW Absolution X

Josh Alexander (c) vs Rickey Shane Page

AIW Absolute Championship


Ohio City Masonic Arts Center, Cleveland, Ohio

Both men go right at it, throwing punches at each other, spilling to the outside. Ethan Page on commentary makes mention of how Alexander is retiring after this weekend and plans on taking the belt home forever. Solid action back and forth, especially from Rickey, just nothing terribly compelling. Rickey hits Alexander with a big rolling elbow and he just collapses. Ref comes over, calls over the ring announcer, match grinds to a halt. He’s on the mat for a few minutes, and Veda Scott comes out as well. Paramedic rolls in and checks him. Rickey comes over to check on him, and Alexander pops up and gets a small package for three, boooooooo. He and Veda goes to leave, and some form of authority figure comes out and says no one’s gonna fuck Rickey over any more and restarts the match. Rickey drops Veda off the top with what’s supposed to be a powerbomb, but ends up being more of a piledriver in a real scary spot. Rolling elbow and spinning tombstone from Rickey gets the three and the belt. Not too bad, but doesn’t draw me in much or anything, which is sad considering that I generally quite like Rickey. Really, after watching most all the big matches he had leading up to his retirement, it seems like Alexander sadly got worse and worse as time went on, and it really affected his matches. Shame.

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