Die Bruderschaft des Kreuzes vs Team Fight Club: PRO – Chikara King of Trios 2015 Day 1

Die Bruderschaft des Kreuzes (Jakob Hammermeier, Nokken, & Soldier Ant) vs Team Fight Club: PRO (Dan Moloney, Trent Seven, & Tyler Bate)

King of Trios 2015 First Round Match


The Palmer Center, Easton, Pennsylvania, United States

Story is that Soldier Ant is reluctantly part of his team and Hammermeier is really laying it into him. This is after he’s become brainwashed, but he’s notably more conflicted than he is at Top Banana, much less mindless. Nuts to find out that Dan Moloney is also only 18, along with Tyler Bate. Fucking lads. Quite like Fight Club: PRO’s snug, slam-heavy offense here. Bryce Remsburg and X-Pac are lots of fun on commentary, bummer that I didn’t listen to them during the last match. Bate gets a simultaneous airplane spin and giant swing on Hammermeier and Soldier Ant, which is just as crazy the second time as the first itme I saw it, and likewise gets an Airplane Spin on the giant Nokken, which is perhaps more impressive. Good selling afterwards. Apparently Bate and Seven have a cool comedy spot where Seven goes down on his hands and knees and Bate gets on his back and goes for a Chokeslam on their opponent but it never works out, and it does the same here, with Bate taking the Chokeslam from Nokken onto Seven. Big spots all around, Soldier Ant accidentally dives onto Nokken, shit falls apart. Big ol’ piledriver from Bate on Hammermeier popped up into a big ol’ powerbomb and a jackknife for the pin. Fun stuff.


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