“Speedball” Mike Bailey vs AR Fox – Beyond Wrestling Scorned

“Speedball” Mike Bailey vs AR Fox


Fete Music, Providence, Rhode Island, United States

Totally forgot that Speedball comes out to the Beastie Boys’ “Brass Monkey”. What a dork. Da Hoodz are on commentary, and I hope they don’t ruin this match for me. Bout starts off with some chaining and flips, and both men appear pretty evenly-matched. Fox eventually gets the advantage with some help from his ladyfriend and a suicide dive, but Speedball cuts him off when he goes for a second, dropkicks him out of the ring, and hits a suicide dive of his own. Fox regains the advantage and hits a duo of suicide dives and tope con hilo, your typical AR Fox nonsensical dive sequence. Speedball likewise follows it up with a duo of Asai moonsaults, and Fox cuts him off when he goes for a third, sending him crashing down with a legdrop off the top to Speedball draped on the second rope. Fox hits a beauty of a split-legged moonsault on the inside for two. He then puts Speedball in a tree of woe, leans over the ropes for a kiss from his ladyfriend, then bridges back into the ring without touching the ground to hit a dropkick on Speedball. Bit of a botch during Speedball’s comeback, but they do some great stuff there. Back and forth stuff here, with Fox mostly having the advantage, and he gets a big springboard cutter for two. He follows it up with a Swanton, but Speedball gets his knees up and hits a great running corkscrew SSP for two. More reversals and whatnot back and forth, and Speedball gets a poisonrana that should put Fox away, but Fox’s ladyfriend yanks on the ref’s leg. Fox charges Speedball again, and the Canadian gets his Spanish fly reversal for two, following it up with a roundhouse kick for two. Speedball climbs the ropes, and Fox’s ladyfriend sweeps at his leg, distracting him long enough for Fox to recover and crotch Speedball on the top. He goes for Lo Mein Pain but Speedball tosses him off the top and goes for his SSP double knees, but Fox avoids it and Speedball crashes down onto his knees. Fox hits a 450 off the top to a still kneeling Speedball for the win. Bit sloppy and not totally spectacular, but a real fun match, perfect little opener.


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