Prince Puma vs Mil Muertes – Lucha Underground 1.39 Ultima Lucha Part 2

Prince Puma (c) vs Mil Muertes

Lucha Underground Championship

Taped 04/19/2015, aired on 08/05/2015

Lucha Underground Arena, Boyle Heights, California, United States

Starts hot with strikes back and forth, and Puma has to use his speed and flips to stay alive, but the undead Muertes no sells it all and smashes him to the outside with a clothesline. They brawl up the stands, and Puma hits a slap that sends Muertes off the stairs and into the stands themselves in a real silly, impressive sell from a guy of Muertes’ size and age. Ringside, Puma grabs Catrina and uses her as a weapon against Muertes, getting a momentary advantage, but Muertes takes it right back with his strength. Silently, he gestures for the crowd at ringside to move, and the fashion in which they comply speaks a thousand words to how well Muertes can interact with a crowd under any name or gimmick. Love Ricky so much. He whips Puma into the first three rows of wooden chairs at ringside. Muertes goes to smash Puma’s face into the guard rail of the second level of fans, but Puma flips off of it, sending Muertes into the guard rail instead, and comes off the apron with a big running enzuigiri that sends the deadman down. The champ pulls a table out from under the ring and sets it up at ringside, and Muertes smashes him into the apron as he turns. Likewise, he tosses Puma into the ring stairs, following it up with a powerbomb onto the side of them before tossing him back inside. Muertes digs a chair out from under the ring, but eats it along with a baseball slide from Puma. Puma follows it up with a suicide dive and gets a murderous chair shot for his troubles, probably the second best version of that spot I’ve ever seen after Benoit vs Jericho. Muertes wedges the chair in between the top and middle ropes and goes to shove Puma into it, but Puma avoids it and fights back. He comes off the ropes with a cutter and Muertes catches him with a German suplex, but Puma flips through it and comes down with a big standing double stomp. Both men struggle to their feet, and Puma charges at Muertes in the corner and eats a right hand. Muertes charges at him and Puma leaps over, sending Muertes crashing into the chair he wedged in the ropes, and Puma plants him with a Benadryller for two. He drags his heavy, undead body towards the ropes and goes up top, going for a Phoenix Splash but nobody’s home. The champ reverses and avoids Muertes throws at him, but eats a powerslam when he comes off the ropes, and Muertes gets a two count from it. Muertes simply tosses Puma in the corner and rocks him with a series of lariats. Reversals back and forth across opposite corners, and Puma hits a silly neckroll flipped up into a Pele before muscling up Muertes in an incredibly impressive pair of Northern Lights suplexes for two. Both men again stumble up to their feet, and Muertes tosses Puma out on the apron, and spears him through the ropes to the table Puma set up earlier, but they only collide with the direct edge of it, not breaking it at all, in a pretty brutal spot. Muertes makes up for it by dumping the champ through the table with a powerbomb, and gets a two count from it in the ring, and for the first time, we see frustration from the unstoppable monster. He wraps his meaty paw around Puma’s throat and absolutely floors him with a spinning Chokeslam. Puma leaps over the deadman as he rushes at him, sending him down with a superkick, spinning back kick, and indy kick that puts him in front of the corner. Puma ascends the ropes and comes down with a picture-perfect 630, and for I’m pretty sure the first time in this promotion’s history, it’s kicked out of. A shocked Puma climbs up top again and goes for a second 630, but Muertes ducks out of the way and flips Puma inside out with a huge spear. He pulls Puma up and brings him right back down, bending his neck backwards with a flatliner, but only gets a two count from it, and this is also the first time anyone’s kicked out of Muertes’ finish. Crowd’s adoring this, and I can’t deny that I am too. Puma fires up and hits a short bicycle kick on Muertes and goes up top again, but the monster cuts him off with a pair of rights, climbing the ropes as well. Puma fights out with a series of headbutts and goes for a move, but Muertes pops right back up and skips up the ropes and brings Puma down with an utterly devastating flatliner for the finish, with the camera shaking in probably the only example of that that I actually like. Awesome stuff here. Not sure that I like it more than Cero Miedo, but it’s loads better as far as the in-ring work goes. Fantastic way to cap off a great season of wrestling TV, one that leaves me hungry for more.


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