Prince Puma vs Johnny Mundo – Lucha Underground 1.32 All Night Long

Prince Puma (c) vs Johnny Mundo

No Count Out No Disqualification All Night Long Match for the Lucha Underground Championship

Taped 04/11/2015, aired on 06/17/2015

Lucha Underground Arena, Boyle Heights, California, United States

I’m watching the TV version of this match, because I don’t think a full version of this has been released. I remember not liking this much when I watched it the first time, so hopefully that changes the second time around. The lads wrestle around a bit at the beginning, basic “feeling each other out at the beginning of a long match” stuff. On commentary, Vamp and (ugh) Striker talk about how Konnan is elsewhere tonight, and it’s a bit of sad realization when I think that this is shortly after Perrito’s death, and Konnan was probably at home, mourning. Match gets going with a bunch of flips and shit, and Mundo does a fantastic job of landing on his feet when Puma ducks out of the way of a big corkscrew tope, and Puma takes him down with a dive of his own. After a bit of flips n’ shit inside, Puma gets a flash victory roll for the first fall. Bunch of moves back and forth, and I’m totally losing interest in this match, with nothing much to draw me in. Cool spot where Mundo goes for Starship Pain and Puma grabs his leg to block it, wrapping his leg around Mundo’s for a kneebar or something, and Mundo squats down on him, using the ropes for leverage, to get a pin and tie it up. Puma gets the advantage again, and Mundo tries to go under the ring, and Puma has to drag him out, along with a chair, crowbar, and wooden box of some kind. Puma drops him with a sitout fireman’s carry slam through the wooden box, but Mundo cuts him off with the crowbar when the champ tries to follow it up. He whacks him across the head with the obviously worked gimmick, and tosses him back inside for his second pin. Mundo follows it up with the Moonlight Drive to put it up three to one. A disaster kick and Starship Pain gets Mundo his fourth pinfall. Puma makes a comeback but can’t get any sustained momentum going, and Mundo gets a hangman’s neckbreaker through the second rope and onto the apron in a pretty cool spot. Back from the commercial break, Mundo pulls an ancient-looking ladder out from under the ring and runs it into Puma’s face on the outside. Mundo puts the ladder up against one of the stands, and sets up a pair of tables next to each other. He tosses Puma’s mostly lifeless corpse onto them and climbs the ladder. Puma recovers and scales the stands, hopping the rail and punching out Mundo, brawling into the crowd. He suplexes Mundo onto a landing and goes back to ringside, setting up another two tables onto the two Mundo already set up. Puma again scales the stands, trying to suplex Mundo off of them into the stack of tables, but Mundo fights back and superkicks Mundo off the balcony and to the floor, avoiding the tables. Mundo uses the ladder as a lever and tips over from the stands onto the balcony where the band is situated, grabs a mic, and slags off Puma before telling the band to play un cancion. Puma slowly climbs the ladder, chasing after Mundo, and when Mundo tries to whack him with some kind of foreign object, Puma grabs it instead and whacks him with it, following it up with a gimmicked guitar shot that busts Mundo open. He tops it off by spearing Mundo off the balcony into the big stack of tables below, and for some reason, they choose this point to take a commercial break instead of basking in the moment. As the crowd chants what I think is “poor pendejo”, Puma tries to drag Mundo back into the ring, collapsing twice along the way, in probably the only bit of selling I really like in all of Lucha Underground. Back inside, Puma gets his second pinfall. Both men slowly rise to their knees and trade strikes back and forth, and again, I really like Puma’s selling here. Puma ducks the disaster kick, hits the indy kick, Benadryller, and spinning Gallaria to get his third pinfall, and Matt Striker annoyingly explodes on commentary, chattering like a dog. Mundo ducks out of the ring on a whip, and makes Puma chase him, jumping in and out of the crowd. Puma finally catches him when he gets back into the ring, but Mundo ducks a line and continues to run. Again, Puma catches up to him, dropping Mundo with an enzuigiri inside and going for a 450, but Mundo rolls out of the ring and avoids it, running up the stairs back to the locker room. He’s met and attacked by Alberto El Patron, who Mundo attacked during his number one contender’s match, and Patron tosses Mundo back in the ring for Puma to hit a springboard 450 and tie up the match with four minutes and change left. Patron grabs a mic and challenges both men to waste some time again, and both men make it back to their feet with three minutes left. Mundo shoves Puma hard into the corner, putting him down with some strikes, but Puma pulls him out into a small package for two. Pin attempts back and forth, but nothing gets the three. Puma comes off the ropes and Mundo hits a reversal solo Spanish Fly, but only gets two off of it. Mundo puts Puma up top and goes for a Frankensteiner, but Puma ducks out from under it, and Mundo crashes down ass-first onto the top rope and necks himself in a real gross spot. Puma hits a John Woo and climbs the turnbuckle, with Striker again going off on commentary, really souring the moment, as Puma comes off the top with a 630 to go up by one fall as time expires. All in all, like, a fun match, with a lot of downtime (which is to be expected in an Iron Man match, but if you’re not going to fill such a long match with anything entertaining, then don’t book the damn match just to say you did), and a lot of no-selling other than the post-table spots, and a lack of a running theme or story throughout, and commentary I really did not enjoy. But still, I can’t deny that there was a fair bit of fun spots, and a few huge moments in this match. This looks like a classic bout in a music video or clip package, but taken all together in one cohesive picture, it has a lot of faults.


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