Mistico vs Dragon Lee vs Fuego vs Virus vs Barbaro Cavernario vs Kamaitachi vs Luciferno vs Mephisto vs Niebla Roja vs The Panther vs Titan vs Volador Jr – CMLL Super Viernes (05/15/2015)

Mistico vs Dragon Lee vs Fuego vs Virus vs Barbaro Cavernario vs Kamaitachi vs Luciferno vs Mephisto vs Niebla Roja vs The Panther vs Titan vs Volador Jr

Leyenda de Plata 2015 Semi Final Torneo Cibernetico Match

Taped 05/15/2015, aired 05/30/2015

Arena Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico

Ton of lads in this, almost all of whom are real talented, and a few I’m just unfamiliar with. So this is a torneo cibernetico, with a rudo team and a tecnico team who eliminate each other one at a time until only one team is left, and then those members eliminate each other until only one man remains. This is TOTALLY going to go too fast for me to call, even with being able to pause it and shit, so I’m not even trying. I’ll just make mention of the big, fun spots, though shit, all of this is fun. Niebla Roja reverses Titan’s tornado DDT attempt on the outside and slams him right into the barricade, the dick. Mistico gets a couple of fucking gorgeous ranas. Virus looks incredible for being like 47, keeping up with all these younger guys. Kamaitachi and Dragon Lee do their stuff with mask ripping and a big dropkick down the entrance ramp and over the ropes. Kamaitachi almost eliminates Lee with the double German before Fuego breaks it up. Fuego is a fucking metric ton of fun to watch. Niebla Roja does a big ol’ double chickenwing facebuster off the second rope on Fuego to eliminate him, the dick. Titan sends Niebla to the outside with a rana, follows it up by avoiding a dropkick from Cavernario that sends him down on all fours, and tries to vault himself off Cavernario’s back to the top rope and do a big dive on Niebla, but totally catches himself on the top rope and eats shit hard when he falls to the outside. I laugh heartily. Averno, who’s out here as the second to Mephisto I guess, distracts Panther and allows Cavernario to eliminate him with La Cavernaria. Mistico gets a pretty nuts rana off the ropes on Mephisto, who’s seated on the top rope in the middle. Virus eats a backcracker from Volador and flies in the air in such a hilarious fashion. The rudos are a lot of fun here. Titan eliminates Niebla with some sort of double kneebar thing. Dragon Lee is pretty well murdered by the rudos. Mephisto hits a hell of a Pepsi Plunge off the top on Volador, real gross stuff. He leans down to grab Volador, who rolls him over, and they sort of both lay on their necks with their legs interlocked and eliminate each other in a spot that is 110% lucha, and I won’t have it any other way. Kamaitachi and Mistico have a series back and forth, which makes me hope for an extended feud between them some day. Mistico locks in, like, a single leg crab with a wristlock to eliminate Kamaitachi. Titan tries to hits a Frankensteiner and receives a Styles Clash off the top from Luciferno for his troubles to be eliminated. Good riddance. Tecnicos fight back well against the rudos, and Lee eliminates Cavernario with his tree of woe double stomp. They go to commercial right in the middle of a Virus/Lee exchange that looks like a lot of fun, and I’m real angry about it. La Mistica eliminates Luciferno, and now we’ve got a pretty damn good final three. There’s a beauty of a step-up rana pin that nearly puts Virus away. Virus murders Lee with a vertebreaker but is too close to the ropes and the ref won’t count it. Virus eliminates Mistico with a Bull’s Angelito that gets my dick real hard, and thinking about prime Virus vs prime Bull Nakano nearly makes me burst. Virus goes for the same on Lee, who fights out of it. Lee puts a charging Virus on the top and hits his tree of woe dropkick and Virus like, just barely even touches the ropes to break it up at three. Lee hits a pair of rolling Germans that puts him away and wins the torneo and the right to face Negro Casas in the finals for the Leyenda de Plata, which Casas won in 2014 and is defending here this year. Tons, tons, tons of fun here. A supremely lucha libre lucha libre match, with all the best stuff the genre has to offer, and plenty of the worst. There’s only been two or three matches this year that I’ve truly had more fun watching.


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