JT Dunn vs David Starr – Beyond Wrestling Scorned

JT Dunn vs David Starr


Fete Music, Providence, Rhode Island, United States

I think Dunn comes out to a Skillet song or some similar buttrock bullshit here, which continues to exemplify why Starr is better in every regard. Awwwwww shit, Emil J and Silver “Not Tracy Smothers” Ant are on commentary. Starr shoots the leg and slaps Dunn in the back of the head, fucking with him to start us off. Starr takes Dunn down time and again, showing that his superior grappling skills can outspeed and outmaneuver Dunn nine times out of ten. The Product again goes to shoot the leg, and that tenth time out of ten comes to play, and Dunn floors his former partner with a knee to the face. A lengthy rope-running spot ends with Starr poking Dunn in the eyes to get the advantage, and he does Scott Hall’s taunts and I love it. Dunn reverses a German suplex into a victory roll for two, and Starr ducks a rolling elbow to hit a big punch to the face that sends Dunn outside. The Juice avoids Starr’s dive, though, and hits a suicide dive of his own. Starr sends Dunn’s head into the turnbuckle when he tries to keep the momentum going, and Starr sends him down with a Sami Callihan springboard lariat and a suicide dive. He does very well interacting with the crowd here, especially on a personal, one-on-one level. Starr puts his old friend and bitter enemy on the top rope, and Dunn hits him with a boot to the face when he comes charging in, and Starr responds by simply yanking Dunn’s leg out, sending him crashing into the top turnbuckle neck-first. Dunn makes a comeback with a standing guillotine with a sort of butterfly guard, and Starr has to back up and toss him over into the corner with a suplex to get out of it, and his selling of the choke is awesome. Fucking love David Starr. He grabs a tight chinlock on Dunn, who slowly makes his way back to his feet and elbows out of it, following it up with a jawbreaker and enzuigiri and sends Starr to the outside. Dunn climbs the corner but Starr meets him at the top, looking for a superplex to the outside, but Dunn elbows his way out of it and drops Starr back in the ring and goes for a big double stomp to the back of the head, but Starr avoids it, boots him in the face, picks Dunn up on his shoulders, and hits a Dean Malenko avalanche gutbuster for a two count. He slaps Dunn a bit, saying that no one cares about him, and comes off the ropes, but Dunn follows him in and floors him with a lariat, followed by a big back elbow smash and a high knee that sends him into the corner. Starr tries to get his boot up, but Dunn absorbs it and hits a rolling elbow and a standing shiranui for two, and the crowd’s into it. Chops in the corner from Dunn, and Starr tosses him in the corner when the ref tries to separate them, and Star beats him down. The ref pushes Starr back and Dunn comes rolling in with a cutter but accidentally hits it on the ref. Starr reverses a headscissors from Dunn into a cutter and gets a big DDT that would put Dunn away, but the ref is out, and a peeved Product grabs a chair from outside and wedges it between the ropes in the corner. He gives Dunn the Stone Cold double fingers, but Dunn catches his boot and hits the Rock Bottom, and gestures for the People’s Elbow, but Starr rolls out of the way when he goes for it and hits what looks like Johnny Cockstrong’s shining cock and then jaws with the crowd. He turns around into a boot from Dunn that sends him to the outside, and Dunn follows him, and they brawl on the outside a bit. Dunn goes for a shiranui off the support beam and Starr muscles him up into a tombstone, but Dunn reverses it into a headscissors that sends Starr face-first into the beam, and Dunn follows it up with the shiranui on the floor. The Juice hits a pair of Davey Richards PKs on the apron, but Starr grabs the third, pulls him down into a back suplex, and drops him back-first on the apron in a true Roddy spot. Back inside, Starr’s facials and crowd interaction are fantastic, and he sends Dunn’s head crashing into the chair wedged in the ropes. He follows it up with a brainbuster on the knee and a superkick and wakes the ref, who makes the world’s slowest count before Dunn kicks out at two. Starr gestures for the rolling elbow, and fires a huge one at Dunn, catching him before he falls and lays in a series of big elbows on his former partner, and puts him down with a second rolling elbow. Dunn kicks out at one in a big spot, and Starr floors him with a huge lariat for two, and I kind of wish that was the finish. Starr rips Dunn’s elbow pad off his arm and slides it onto his own, and does his fist smash in the corner to set up the rolling elbow, and plants a big one on Dunn, muscling him over with a bridging X-Plex for two. Starr yells at Dunn again, getting a “shut the fuck up” chant from the crowd, and The Product hits yet another rolling elbow, but Dunn fires up and hits one of his own. He goes for the Canadian Destroyer but eats an Alabama Slam from Starr, who comes off the ropes and takes a big knee to the face and rolling elbow for two. Both men slowly make their way back to their feet and trade chops, with Starr asking for more than Dunn’s got. Dunn takes a hard punch into the ropes and tries to pendulum his way back in for a rolling elbow, but Starr ducks it and responds with another hard punch. Dunn again tries to rebound off the ropes, but Starr meets him with a big boot as he comes back up. Dunn recovers and hits a sunset flip for two. He goes for the hangman’s elbow but Starr gives him a backslide for two, and a rolling elbow and Canadian Destroyer puts Starr away. Gets a little obnoxious by the end, and I feel like it’s mostly Dunn’s fault, but regardless, this is a fun little grudge match main event, and my boy Starr really shines here.


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