Generation Next (Austin Aries & Roderick Strong) vs Best Friends (Ricochet & Uhaa Nation) – WWNLive Supershow – Mercury Rising 2015

Generation Next (Austin Aries & Roderick Strong) vs Best Friends (Ricochet & Uhaa Nation)


Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, San Jose, California, United States

On paper, this match could be like six stars. I doubt it’ll be that good, but it should still be awesome. Ricochet (who is wearing some gorgeous baby blue tights here) and Uhaa get announced as team Best Friends, which is cute. I always forget that’s what the trio of those two and Tozawa is called, especially considering how much I love #BigDust and Shitty Greg. Uhaa and Roddy start us off, and it clicks in such a manner that makes me really want a singles match between these two. Ricochet and Uhaa keep doing the Monster Express “too easy” pose, and I love it. Nice little spot here where Ricochet tags in, and Roddy, with his FRS, immediately dragging Ricochet into his corner and tagging in Aries. Aries and Ricochet wrestle around a bit, not doing anything too special, but Aries looks real flashy and showy here, which is good. Real good action here, just crisp, perfect fundamentals, good ol’ fashioned wrasslin’. Aries gets the advantage with a killer shinbreaker and back suplex, and tags out to Roddy, who stomps Ricochet out of the ring. Ricochet is able to back Roddy into his corner, and Uhaa tags in and outmuscles Roddy. Roddy does well getting worked over here, staying alive and making it look like Best Friends are only just keeping him at bay. Roddy makes a comeback and tags out to Aries, who does well here taking out both Best Friends, looking like a killer before Generation Next hone in on Ricochet. Ricochet makes a comeback like only he can, and Uhaa comes in and runs wild like only he can. The match breaks down in the way you’d expect, and it’s as fun as you think it’d be. Uhaa goes for a big boot and Roddy catches him in a great back suplex backbreaker. He and Aries get a flurry of their signature shit on Uhaa for two. Uhaa absolutely levels Roddy with a German Suplex. Roddy does the dumb superplex lifted up into a suplex spot I always hate, but Ricochet reverses the second suplex into a rana pin attempt for two, so it’s not so bad. Ricochet goes for another rana but Roddy reverses it into a Strong Hold. Ricochet fights back, kicking at Roddy, but Aries lands on him with the 450, plants a rolling elbow on Uhaa that sends him outside, and hits a big suicide dive on him to take him out. Ricochet reverses the Strong Hold into a pin attempt, gets two, hits the Benadryller and goes up top. Aries stops him momentarily and Ricochet fights him off, but Roddy avoids the big flipping nothing Ricochet goes for. Roddy grabs him for the End of Heartache, and Ricochet flips all over the place for it for the finish. Not bad by any means, but not quite as good as you’d expect it to be considering the guys involved. But it’s still a just about picture-perfect, textbook B+ tag match. Really recommend it if it intrigues you at all.

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