Conor Claxton vs Devon Moore – CZW Best of the Best 14

Conor Claxton vs Devon Moore

Conor Claxton’s Deathmatch Trial Series Ultraviolent Scaffold Match


Flyers Skate Zone, Voorhees, New Jersey, United States

Apparently this is just a scaffold match with some barbed wire boards and shit at ringside. Devon comes out with a barbed wire baseball bat, and Claxton rushes him in the aisle with his wrench and then puts the barbed wire to Devon’s face. Devon quickly gains the advantage, and stuffs any comeback attempts Claxton tries to make. Both men are busted open from the barbed wire shortly into this contest. Inside the ring, Devon smashes a chair over Claxton’s head and follows it up with a big chop, but Claxton fights back and sends him out on the apron. He goes for a piledriver off the apron onto the barbed wire board set up below on a group of chairs, but Devon wriggles free and hits him with a rolling fireman’s carry slam through the board instead. Back inside, Claxton takes advantage of Devon coming off the ropes and hits his tilt-a-whirl powerslam for two. He sets up a chair and sits Devon on it, hitting him with a few kicks and then a PK off the ropes for two. Claxton whacks Devon with his wrench and puts a chair on Devon’s body, going for a big standing legdrop, but Devon moves out of the way and avoids it. Claxton stomps him down in the corner and slides the remaining barbed wire board into the ring, and again whacks the Notorious One with his wrench. He climbs the scaffold and comes off it with an axe handle, but Devon puts a fist in his gut on the way down and ascends the scaffold himself. Claxton climbs the ropes and meets him up top, and they slug it out. Claxton pulls Devon down from the scaffold for a fairly sloppy super powerslam for a nearfall. The Wrench puts the vet up on the top, and Devon headbutts him down to the mat, coming off the top for a splash, but Claxton catches him and locks in a bodyscissors sleeper, and Devon bites his way out of it. Claxton sets up four chairs end to end, and one of the ones he tries to set up won’t unfold, so he throws it down and says, “fuck that shit”, and the crowd starts chanting it. He tosses it over the ropes to the outside pretty violently, and it gets him a big pop. Claxton lays Devon down across the chairs and then climbs the scaffold, coming down with a big splash, but Devon moves out of the way, and Claxton crashes through the chairs pelvis-first. Devon follows it with a yakuza kick and a vertical suplex, and then dumps the barbed wire board over onto Claxton, hits it with a chair, climbs the scaffold, and comes down with a Swanton bomb, all in about thirty seconds. He pins Claxton for the three. Not bad, but not as good as Claxton vs Lucky 13, which is weird, considering how much more I like Devon than Lucky. After the match, Devon grabs a mic and gets the people hyped about Claxton, and they begin chanting “TOD”, and Devon yells at DEEJ in the back to put Claxton in the tournament. DEEJ comes out, says some shit about Claxton being a CZW Academy grad, and says if he wants in TOD, he’s going to have to face him in the first round. Neat little segment.


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