CJP vs Joey Janela vs Joe Gacy – CZW Best of the Best 14

CJP vs Joey Janela vs Joe Gacy

Best of the Best 14 First Round Three Way Elimination Match


Flyers Skate Zone, Voorhees, New Jersey, United States

Ok, totally not looking forward to this one, as I dislike all these men. WAIT, DAVID STARR IS COMING OUT, HOLD THE PHONE, BUSINESS IS ABOUT TO PICK UP, BROTHER. He grabs a mic and says he’s here to talk about the most selfish man in pro wrestling, Tim Donst, who came out here with Joe Gacy. He says he’s hogging the spotlight from the active competitors here tonight. Sidebar: Starr’s got some fucking nice-looking boots on, wtc those, bro? Starr continues to say that if Donst died, the planet would be the very same, and nobody would even miss him. Gacy grabs the mic and yells at Starr, and Starr gets an airhorn blast from the crowd when he tries to respond, and I laugh heartily. Classic CZW. Starr tells Gacy he could drop him like a bad habit if he wanted to, and takes a swing at Donst, who blocks it and sends him out of the ring with a right. Donst spits his gum at Starr, and Starr freaks out, but security escorts him to the back. I don’t give a fuck about this match at all, but hey, at least there was that segment. There’s some solid spots, and a few hilarious botches, but I just cannot care at all.


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