Biff Busick vs Tommy End vs Drew Gulak vs TJ Perkins – WWNLive Supershow – Mercury Rising 2015

Biff Busick vs Tommy End vs Drew Gulak vs TJ Perkins


Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, San Jose, California, United States

As far as singles matches go, this is probably my favorite combination of talent this year, so I’m expecting some cool shit here. TJP and Gulak have some feud going on here that I’m only vaguely aware of. The match starts off with all four guys grappling around a bit. Hard to really write out the opening spot, which is pretty cool. TJP looks real strong at the beginning here, getting the better of all four of his opponents, and playing to the crowd well. Biff and End go at it, and everything they do makes me want a singles match between these two, which I’m almost certain Evolve put on sometime this year. Because this is a multi-man match, there’s no great story running through it, and everyone is basically hitting short spots and breaking up each other’s. Biff and Gulak, longtime friends and rivals, work over TJP on the inside after TJP dumps End out of the ring, and it looks like End broke his wrist or something. They hit a big, sloppy vertical suplex on TJP and drag End in the ring to double team him, but End fights back and takes out Gulak, but Biff cuts him off. End comes over the ropes from the apron for what’s supposed to be a Euro from Biff, but they completely miss it. The crowd’s been dead for this whole match, but these increasing number of botches really cement that this match is not clicking well, which really stinks. Biff drops End on his head with a half and half suplex, and Gulak breaks up the pin, and the two of them face off. TJP comes in to dropkick them both, but Gulak avoids it and dumps TJP out of the ring again before chopping down End in the corner. End comes charging out with a big high knee and jumps over the ropes for a big moonsault from the turnbuckle to both Biff and TJP on the outside. He comes off the top with a double stomp to Gulak back in the ring and throws a superkick at Biff, but TJP breaks up the pin. TJP locks in an octopus lock on End, then sweeps his leg and locks in a leg grapevine, and does well to make sure he’s looking at his other opponents, making sure he’s ready for anything they’ll be coming at him with. Biff comes charging in, and TJP locks him in an abdominal stretch in a cool ass spot. He tosses him aside as Gulak comes in, and he kicks over TJP repeatedly, stretching out End’s leg still in the grapevine. He goes for a lariat, but TJP grabs him in a Northern Lights and further stretches out End’s leg. Gulak reverses it into a brief guillotine choke, but TJP reverses it into a vertical suplex rolled up into a beauty of a back suplex and double chickenwing codebreaker. He gets squashed by a standing double stomp from End, and End gets turned head over heels by a big lariat from Biff, and Gulak comes off the top with a somewhat weak dropkick, comparatively. Match is definitely picking up now, with the last ninety seconds of action being quite good. Biff and Gulak get their two opponents in a powerbomb, and powerbomb either man into the other for two. Biff and Gulak face off and the crowd gets into it, and they begin trading forearms and Euros. Biff ducks a line and drops him with a half and half suplex, then eats a spinning heel kick from TJP. Gulak goes for a rolling elbow on TJP, but End pushes him out of the way and drops Gulak with a rolling solebutt to the face. Biff Euros End out of the ring and locks in a sleeper on TJP, who counters into a fireman’s carry. Biff wriggles free and goes for another half and half suplex, but Gulak comes charging in with a forearm and TJP ducks, with Gulak hitting Biff. TJP gets a rana on Gulak and transitions it into a cross armbreaker for the win. Not a bad match, but one that starts off on the wrong foot before it finally gets going. Still, it never really as good as it should have with these four men.


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