Uhaa Nation vs Biff Busick – EVOLVE 37

Uhaa Nation vs Biff Busick


Dickinson Activity Center, Winter Park, Florida, United States

Might as well give this a go as well after watching Roddy vs Thatcher. Uhaa backs Biff into the corner and gets the better of a test of strength, and Biff has to neckroll out and turn the wrists inward to get the advantage. After a rope run spot, Uhaa sends Biff to the outside with a dropkick and hits a pretty sloppy, scary moonsault off the apron, crashing his knees into Biff’s head. Biff fires back with some strikes and sets up a pair of chairs, trying to put Uhaa through them, but Uhaa instead backdrops Biff through them to the floor. Back in the ring, Uhaa hits a big elbow for two and slaps on a chinlock. He whips Biff into the ropes, and he holds on and brings the top rope down when Uhaa comes in with a boot, and the one man nation spills to the outside. Biff meets him as he comes back in, getting a one count off a pin, and whips him into the ropes for a kitchen sink that gets him two. After some strikes in the corner, Biff hits another kitchen sink for two, and locks in a bodyscissors afterward, and Uhaa is able to roll over and get the ropes. Biff goes for another kitchen sink and Uhaa rolls him up for two, and Biff cuts him off with a boot and locks in an abdominal stretch. Uhaa fights his way out and hits a hiptoss and a big splash in the corner, followed by a huge leaping lariat when Biff comes off the ropes. He hits a duo of Germans and goes for a third, but Biff escapes and comes off the ropes right into a boot from Uhaa, who hits the third German for two. He follows it up with a huge-ass splash from the top for two. Uhaa goes for a delayed vertical suplex and Biff wriggles free, planting Uhaa with a half and half suplex, but Uhaa fires up and hits a lariat that turns Biff inside out for a double down. Both men trade strikes as they rise to their feet, and after some back and forth, Uhaa hits a DVD and standing moonsault, but Biff gets his knees up on the standing SSP, rolls it over into a pin for two, and locks in a sleeper when Uhaa kicks out. Uhaa gets his hand up on the third drop and fights to his feet, tossing Biff over his shoulders and hitting a pop-up repeating powerbomb for a two count. Biff goes out on the apron, and Uhaa suplexes him over the top back inside, and Biff gets his legs up for a small package out of it for two, ugh. Uhaa feeds him a boot and goes for a gorilla press, but Biff slips free, hits the Saka Otoshi, and cranks back on the sleeper hold to get the submission. Not bad, as these two are pretty talented, but I’m not sure that they mesh well together, so this is nothing too special, sadly.


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