Mil Muertes vs Fenix – Lucha Underground – 1.17 A War Started in Mexico

Mil Muertes vs Fenix

Grave Consequences Casket Match

Taped 01/24/2015, aired 03/04/2015

Lucha Underground Arena, Boyle Heights, California, United States

Definitely one of those matches that really shows off Lucha Underground’s greatest strengths, in cool visuals and big moments using a hyper-Mexican motif. Muertes starts us off with a suicide dive, which I wouldn’t normally expect from him at this age. Muertes easily overpowers Fenix here, and Fenix has to use his speed his stay alive, and does well in staying competitive here. Muertes dominates much of the early match, using the coffin in really fun ways, including blocking a suicide dive with it. Real entertaining stuff here. Muertes rips at Fenix’s mask and undoes the bottom rope, taking the turnbuckle and smashing it into Fenix’s face, busting him open. Wonderful heel stuff here, and the people buy it hard. Muertes tosses Fenix up the stairs to the upper area of the arena and they go out on top of the storage room. Muertes goes to suplex Fenix off of it, but Fenix fights it and they slug it out before Muertes slams Fenix’s face into an air duct, and Fenix slinks away into the crowd. They go back down to ringside, and Muertes powerbombs Fenix into the announce table, and drags the coffin into the ring and sets it up in the corner. Fenix fights back, taking it to monster man, and whips him into the coffin, but when he comes charging in, Muertes suplexes him into the coffin, denting it pretty bad. Fenix fights back with a superkick and climbs to the top, but Muertes cuts him off and hits a whopper codebreaker while Fenix is still on the top rope, a pretty gross spot. Fenix is bleeding pretty hard here. Muertes drags the coffin back out on the apron and then drags Fenix into the crowd, smashing chairs over his head and whatnot. He goes to kick Fenix, but Fenix ducks, and Muertes gets crotched on the guardrail, and Fenix kicks and dumps him over the side, afterward hitting a dive off the rail. Fenix tries to keep the advantage, but Muertes just whips him real hard into the guardrail at ringside, slamming his head into it repeatedly. Fenix fights back with another superkick and climbs the rail, moonsaulting off it in a much more impressive dive than the one a few moments before, but it feels weird having two of these dives in one match. Fenix ducks a lariat on the outside and Muertes accidentally lariats Katrina instead, and Fenix is able to mount a bit of a comeback. Muertes goes to suplex Fenix over the ropes into the coffin, which Katrina has opened, but Fenix fights out, hitting a bunch of slaps and enzuigiri that puts Muertes on rollerskates. Fenix hits a ropewalk double stomp to send Muertes into the coffin, and Katrina slams the coffin closed to win the match for him. Fun, fun, fun little gimmick match. Nothing great in the ring (partially because so little of it took place in the ring), but very enjoyable, with a wonderful atmosphere to it. I have a hard time determining if this is one of the better matches I’ve seen this year, but at the very least it’s borderline.


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