Keita Yano vs Taro Yamada – Pro Wrestling Wallabee (01/25/2015)

Keita Yano vs Taro Yamada


Some venue, somewhere, Japan

I want to say this will actually be the first full Wallabee match I’ve ever seen, and I’m expecting big stuff. Starts off with some grappling on the ground, which gets a nice little bit of clapping from the crowd. They’re doing these big takedowns and shit right into the front row of fans (seated on the floor, mind you), which blows my mind. Wrestling right in your lap, how revolutionary. The fact that this video is forty minutes long also blows my mind. I can’t imagine this match being that long. Twenty minutes of grappling later, and something tells me this match will go that long. 22 minutes in, shit starts to pick up, and Yamada almost murders Yano with a hiptoss that nearly avoids seeing him dropped right on his head. He sends Yano into the boxing bag at “ringside” with a rocket launcher. I look away for a few moments and suddenly Yano is bleeding BUCKETS of blood, probably from some headbutts earlier while Yano was facing the opposite direction of the camera. Yano makes this big Hogan style comeback while saying “hess” over and over and over again, and this is like, the weirdest shit I’ve ever seen, and I love it. He fucking MURDERS Yamada with a big boot. Some good pin spots back and forth, and Yamada tops it off by double stomping Yano and kicking him right in the side of the head for two. He locks in a real painful-looking STF, and the ref drops Yano’s hand to check him, and he gets his hand up for the third attempt. Yamada opens one of the windows in the room, stands in the windowsill, and gets a huge double knee drop to Yano’s chest for two in probably the best single spot I’ve ever seen in wrestling. Yano goes for a sunset flip and Yamada reverses it into a jackknife pin in a real cool spot I’ve never seen before. Yano tosses Yamada into the crowd, dispersing them, and gives Yamada a big running shoulderblock on the “outside”. Yano drags him back inside, and uses the ref’s bent over body to hit a big flipping senton. He pins him afterward, and Yamada rolls him over for a pin of his own for two. Yano gets a series of close pins on Yamada and locks in a side headlock and bridges over with it in a weird move. It puts him down, and the ref starts counting, but Yano picks him up at seven and goes for a Tombstone, but Yamada flips it over, but Yano flips it over as well, locks his arm to make it a cradle, and spikes him for the win. What an… experience.


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