Ethan Carter III vs Rockstar Spud – TNA IMPACT (01/31/2015)

Ethan Carter III vs Rockstar Spud

Hair vs Hair Match

Taped 01/31/2015, aired 03/13/2015

Wembley Arena, London, England, United Kingdom

I really don’t know much of the history of this feud, and the opening promo package doesn’t clear up too much of it, but I’m still excited for this, because I’ve heard some rave reviews of this match, and it seems like the kind of thing I really like. Man, watching this, I really prefer TNA’s cinematography to the WWE’s, by and large. Also, I still love EC3’s theme. One of my favorites in wrestling today. Spud jumps EC3 right at the outset, punching him out and stomping a mudhole in him, and the crowd is on fire. They bleed to the outside, and Spud continues to take it to his nemesis. They go back inside, and EC3 kicks at Spud as he enters to get the advantage, but he doesn’t keep it for long. The two men punch it out, with Spud getting the advantage, and EC3 has to lay him out with a lariat to stay on top. Spud avoids a seated senton in the ropes and knocks EC3 to the outside, getting a big dive on him from the corner. EC3 distracts the ref, and Tyrus, EC3’s bodyguard, powerbombs Spud on the outside and tosses him back in the ring. EC3 takes his time pinning him, and Spud kicks out at two in a big way, and Mr. Anderson comes out and takes out Tyrus to even the odds. EC3 uses his brace to elbow Anderson in the back of the head, and elbows Spud in the face as well, busting the latter open. He slams Spud’s face into the turnbuckles and punches him right in the cut repeatedly, and there’s a nice shot to see how well Spud’s bleeding here. EC3 does a big Stinger Splash, complete with a woo, and Spud just collapses, sliding down EC3’s body, and bleeds all over his torso. EC3 tosses Spud outside in front of Jeremy Borash, the guy who brought Spud into TNA, and JB low blows him while the ref is distracted, allowing Spud to hit a jawbreaker for two. Hilariously, they black and white the image of the match a few times when they zoom in on Spud because of the graphic nature of it, but the manner in which they do it is just so half-assed and silly. EC3 gets a TKO and smashes Spud’s head into the mat repeatedly, and Spud shows great energy throughout, and fires up in a big way. He does a literal Hogan fire up spot, elbowing EC3 again and again, putting him down with a shining apprentice. He gets a series of punches and a cool enzuigiri, and goes for a shiranui, but EC3 tosses him over and lays him out with a lariat for two. EC3’s facials here are great. Tazz’s commentary is fucking atrocious, completely robotic. EC3, sort of disheartened at what he has to do to put this man away, gives Spud the headlock driver for the win. Not quite as good as people made it out to be, but a real fun little match that got all the little things right, and it’s probably what separates good matches from great ones this year. EC3 grabs a mic and says Spud has the most heart and determination he’s ever seen in wrestling, and apologizes for ruining their relationship and what he’s done, and says he’s not going to shave Spud’s head tonight. Nice little moment here. He puts his hand out for Spud to shake, and they shake, with EC3 raising Spud’s hand and spreading the ropes for him afterward. When Spud goes to go through the ropes, EC3 attacks him, and screams “NOT! It’s time to pay, Spud!” on the mic. He puts Spud in a tree of woe, grabs the razor, asks where Spud’s parents and high school girlfriend are in the crowd, and shaves his head. Great heel shit here, what I love about EC3. All in all, this is probably the best match TNA put on this year, though I heard a lot of good things about some matches Angle and Aries had (not always with each other), and I’ll have to check those out as well.


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