Death by Elbow (Chris Hero & JT Dunn) vs David Starr & Eddie Kingston – Beyond Wrestling King of Arts

Death by Elbow (Chris Hero & JT Dunn) vs David Starr & Eddie Kingston


Fete Music, Providence, Rhode Island, United States

Fucking neato little tag team grudge match here that I’m really looking forward to. Hearing Kingston jaw away with the fans = MONEY. GULAK, BIFF, AND JOHN SILVER ON COMMENTARY = MORE MONEY. Starr and Hero grapple around as Gulak runs down the rivalry and relationship between Hero and Kingston. Gulak on commentary is hilarious here. Starr holds his own against Hero, sort of surprisingly, repeatedly shoving his dick in Hero’s face, and his braggadociousness earns him a hard punch right in the jaw and some big strikes in the corner, topping it off with a dick in the face himself. Hero tags in Dunn, and Starr quickly tags in Kingston as well, and the two jaw back and forth a bit. Kingston, the bigger, proud vet, won’t let Dunn knock him down, and lays it into him when he tries, hitting the Kobashi chops in the corner and tagging in Starr. Starr does the Danielson “I have ‘til five” spot and eats a massive chop from Dunn, and they trade big strikes back and forth. When Dunn goes to tag in Hero, Starr admonishes him for it, and Dunn lays in a fucking murderous slap, and they go at it. Death by Elbow work over Starr in a real fun way, and Dunn mocks Kingston as he goes for a pin on Starr. Radical character work here from all four men, something I really love. Starr catches Dunn as he comes in for the springboard X Factor, and smashes him into the corner with an exploder, and Dunn’s holding his right knee afterward. Kingston tags in and works over Dunn, mocking Hero all the while. Dunn makes a bit of a comeback when Starr mouths off to the crowd, but Starr beats him down and tosses him outside. Kingston smashes a water bottle on Dunn on the outside, and some female fan gets in his face, and he just simply points and laughs at her. Love it. Back inside, Starr goes after Dunn’s leg and locks in a figure four, using the ropes for leverage, and when he goes to do it again, Hero stops him, so Starr reorients in the ring to allow Kingston to help him for further leverage. Great heel stuff from Kingston and Starr here. Dunn makes a comeback with a rana off the top, and Hero and feeds a boot to both Starr and Kingston, knocking Starr down inside with a dropkick and then hitting one through the ropes to Kingston on the floor. Hero gets a big running sitout powerbomb for two on Starr. Kingston urges Starr to hit Hero, and he lays in a stiff chop to the big man, but Hero just slaps him right back. Hero goes for his hangman’s elbow, but Starr reverses it into a backslide towards his corner, and tags in Kingston when Hero kicks out. This is only the second time since 2009 that Hero and Kingston have been in a ring together, after their December 2014 match in AIW, and it feels big. They fire chops at each other back and forth, and then forearms and boots. Hero goes for the hangman’s elbow on Kingston, and Starr comes in the ring to break it up, and Hero just punches him out and lays it into both of them before the numbers game gets to him. Dunn comes in to even things up, and all four men go at it. Dunn and Starr hit tandem dropkicks on their opponents and then go at each other and bleed to the outside. Dunn drapes Starr up on the stage and comes off the corner with an axe handle, and Hero and Kingston face off in the middle. They again trade forearms, pretty snug, and Kingston muscles up the big man with an exploder. Hero fires back with some chops and the crash landing suplex for a two count as both Dunn and Starr slowly return to their corners, with Starr still selling on the outside. Kingston comes off the ropes with a lariat, but Hero boots his arm down and Hero goes for a rolling elbow, but Kingston smashes him with a big elbow of his own. Kingston then goes for a discus clothesline, but Hero again elbows his arm down. Hero goes for another rolling elbow, but Kingston knocks him down with a big discus clothesline, still selling his arm. A yakuza kick and brainbuster on Hero gets him two. Kingston goes for the Backfist but Hero blocks it, and Hero goes for a rolling elbow and Kingston blocks it. Kingston hits the Backfist, Hero the rolling elbow, sort of to the temple. A second rolling elbow and Kingston is punch drunk, and the Cyclone Kill puts him down on a knee. Hero tags out to Dunn, who runs and dropkicks Starr just as he’s getting back up to his corner. Dunn and Hero get tandem rolling elbows, but Kingston muscles out of the pin by Dunn. Dunn takes off his elbow pad, but Kingston reverses his whip into a big ol’ uranage and knocks Hero off the apron. Kingston drops Dunn with a backdrop driver that Dunn flips inside out for, strangely, for two. The War King winds up the Backfist, and Starr urges him to tag him in, and Kingston brushes him off. Kingston again readies the Backfist, and Starr tags himself in and takes a small package for two. He pops right up and plants an elbow on Dunn’s chin, but Dunn rebounds off the lariats for something, and Starr stuffs it with a big boot. Laughing maniacally, Starr muscles Dunn over with a deadlift bridging German for two. Starr mocks Dunn with some bootscrapes, and eats a boot when he turns to come off the ropes. Hero tags in on Dunn when he comes off the ropes, and the two of them trade giving Starr big elbow smashes with increasing velocity. Kingston comes in to make the save and Hero elbows him, sending him off the ropes for Dunn to also hit a rolling elbow. Hero fires up his young tag partner, slapping him, asking him if he’s ready, and they rock Starr with five big rolling elbows, and then a tandem hangman’s elbow to put him down and out. Solid fucking tag match here. Not as good as the prior Death by Elbow match, but better for character work, which plays a big factor for me, and regardless, it’s still tons of fun throughout. Hero and Dunn hug after the match in a nice little moment. Kingston admonishes Starr, saying that he likes the kid, asking why he had to ruin their match by tagging himself in. Starr tells him to fuck off and flips him off, and Kingston begrudgingly backfists him and pats him on the back as he lays dead on the mat. Lovely little moment as well.


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