Brock Lesnar vs John Cena vs Seth Rollins – WWE Royal Rumble 2015

Brock Lesnar (c) vs John Cena vs Seth Rollins

WWE World Heavyweight Championship


Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Wonderful vibe to this match. Fast and fun, with everyone trying to get the jump on everyone else, Lesnar being the monster champ, Cena being the charismatic ace, Rollins being the weaselly, speedy heel with goons. Lesnar dumps both his opponents repeatedly with a bunch of Germans, some of them being real ugly, and gets a double backdrop driver on Joey Mercury and Jamie Knoble, which is lots of fun. Lesnar gets a kimura on Cena, and Cena actually lifts him in an impressive spot, and Rollins gets a big flying knee on the both of them off the top. It’s interesting how strong Lesnar looks here, and how resourceful and talented Rollins also looks, to the end that Cena really appears to be the weakest person in this match. Bunch of finishers halfway through eventually leads to Cena tackling Lesnar, from behind no less, through the barricade. Time and again Lesnar looks like a fucking machine here, and the thing is, his selling is still almost perfect. One of the best alive, bar none. Cena knocks Lesnar onto the Spanish commentary table, and Rollins gives him a big ol’ diving elbow through it in a big crash and burn spot. Cena and Rollins do some spots inside that have pretty good pacing, I feel, and the powerbomb Cena gives is fucking incredible. You can hear Heyman screaming for a doctor for Lesnar at ringside. Sunset flip off the top from Rollins turns into a good turnbuckle powerbomb. Cool spot where Cena’s got the STF in and it really looks like Rollins is gonna tap until J & J Security, who haven’t been seen since the first thirty seconds of the match, come in and break it up, and all three men go at it on Cena. During this, the EMTs come over to get Lesnar. Triple powerbomb a la The Shield on Cena gets a two count. Cena fights back and gives a double FU to J & J, and then one to Rollins for a real close two, great nearfall. There’s a cool shot where Cena goes for an FU to Rollins, and you can see a despondent Heyman at ringside in the shot, and it’s not quite clear if he’s lamenting that Cena’s about to hit the move on Rollins and win or if he’s just lamenting for Lesnar, but either way, it’s pretty great. Bunch of reversals from the two men in the ring, with Rollins getting a Curb Stomp for two. Big Phoenix Splash from Rollins, kind of sloppy, but Lesnar explodes into the ring and Germans him out of the pin and then gives Cena one, and Cena powders out. He goes for another German on Rollins, who flips out and lays him out with a pair of shots with the MITB briefcase that he brought in the ring earlier. Goes for a Curb Stomp onto the briefcase, but Lesnar catches him out of the air and plants him with an F5 for the win. Rollins’ selling afterward, after the replays and everything, getting up onto his knees with the help of the briefcase, is real good. This match is kind of weird, because it’s not exactly built very well, has no great ebb and flow in the action, no real pacing other than what Cena and Rollins do about ¾ of the way through, it’s real spotty, and some of it’s real sloppy. But holy shit, what a fun match. Plays to the strengths of each man, makes them all look great, and keeps a steady hum of electricity all the way through. Certainly top five or six match from the WWE main roster this year. If you somehow haven’t seen this, you should definitely watch it.


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