Atsushi Kotoge vs Daisuke Harada – NOAH The First Navigation 2015 Day 6

Atsushi Kotoge (c) vs Daisuke Harada

GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship


Bodymaker Coliseum #2, Osaka, Japan

Atsushi Kotoge, as always, looks like a total dork in his gear. Harada, by many accounts, had an incredible 2015, and this, from what I hear, was one of his better matches, so let’s see how it goes. Slow back and forth at the beginning, jockeying for position, with Harada generally having the advantage. Kotoge here looks real timid and unwilling to take or give too much outside of some superkicks. Man, this match is real slow, with a whole bunch of nothing going on, and Kotoge looking like he’d rather be anywhere else. He takes a pretty snug elbow to the chest from Harada, and I’m sure he’s only thinking that more now. I’m thinking the same as well, so I just turn this off. Got halfway through and saw nothing of value, and I’ve got waaaaaaaay too many matches left to review to waste time on this. Harada’s cool, tho.


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